Adele Azupadi
TSOTB Adele S1
Birth Name: Adele Azupadi
Gender: Female
Birth Date: 1974/75 (books)
1986 (TV series)
Age: 16 (books)
19 (as of TSOTB S4)
Hair Colour: Dark brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Skin Colour: Black
Social Worker: Elaine
Home: Stowey House
Occupation: Fashion designer
First Appearance: Tracy Returns To The Dumping Ground
Last Appearance: Parties With Pudsey: Part 5
Portrayed by: Rochelle Gadd

Adele Azupadi is a character from The Story of Tracy Beaker. She appeared in seasons 1 and 2 of the programme. Like the other characters, she lived at Stowey House.

Adele studied fashion and worked in a clothes shop. At the end of the season 1, we saw her prepare to leave. In season 2, we saw she had moved into a small bed-sit. After a visit from Tracy and a trip to her old home she realised she didn't like being alone so moved back to the Dumping Ground until she was ready.

She is sensible and kind but can get annoyed sometimes when she doesn't get her own way. Before living in the dumping ground she lived in a different care home where she was cared by Leanne, another older resident who became temporary head care worker when Jenny was suffering from an ingrown toenail.


  • In the books, Adele is sixteen and has a Saturday job at BHS.