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Birth Name: Alexander Parks
Alias(es): Alex
Gender: Male
Birth Date: 30 November 1991
Age: 10-12 (The Dare Game)
13-15 (Tracy Returns To The Dumping Ground)
29 (as of TSOTB series 5)
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Blue
Family Unnamed father, Unnamed mother
Relationships: Tracy Beaker (friend)
Football (best-friend)
Home: 15G Pitful Road
First Appearance: The Dare Game (Tracy Beaker book series)
Last Appearance: The Dare Game (Tracy Beaker book series)

Alexander was a character from the Tracy Beaker Books franchise, who is introduced in The Dare Game, when Tracy played Football with them. He had a very harsh life when he was younger. Mostly, all of his family were unreliable and walked out on him. At the age of 10, he started moving schools and was easily bullied. He, then made a new best-friend who is, ironically called 'Football' and later they start to play footie.

Later in life, he and 'Football' meet Tracy Beaker, and realize they are like each-other.

From his description, Alexander is a very healthy, intelligent and stubborn boy. Like Tracy, he is also sometimes rude.

It is known, they still keep in touch, (''Caring and Sharing'', ''Tracy Returns to the Dumping Ground'')


Alexander was born to an unnamed father and mother on 30 November 1991, at around 4:59pm. At the age of 5, his father, started to hate him very much and hit him a lot, until he passed out (The Dare Game, Tracy Returns to the Dumping Ground). One point in his life, his dad walked out on him, and his mother didn't even say a word.

Around 10 years of age, Alexander attended a brand-new school, and became friends with a boy named 'Football', whom he played footie with every-day after school, and even on weekends. Later, he met Tracy Beaker.


Tracy Beaker Book Series

The Dare Game


Alexander appears in the book, as he meets Tracy Beaker, a girl from a care home and from his school, after the three are expelled from school. They talk about their life, and Alex mentions his nasty father and talks about how he left him at a young age. Tracy then starts bragging about her mother, Carly Beaker, saying she's a movie-star and that she'll follow her footsteps. Alex then says, he is scared of his father because he believes, he still hates him. Later in the book, after Tracy has an argument with Football, Alexander breaks his leg, and is later treated by Mike.

Televison Series

Series One

''Tracy Returns to the Dumping Ground''

Tracy actually spots Alexander in town eating chips and chicken. Tracy mimics, 'give me one too' but Alexander says he can't, and then Tracy rolls her eyes and then meets Ben Batambuze.

Series Five

''Caring and Sharing''

By now, Alexander is 29 years old, and still keeps in contact with Tracy. He asked her how her trip in Egypt was going.


Alexander is a quiet, quiet rude, stubborn and intelligent boy with a fear of letting people down. He does not like his father, bringing his fear side.