Amber Hearst
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Birth Name: Amberalla 'Amber' Hearst
Alias(es): Hearst, cool kid
Character type: Recurring (season 3)
Gender: Female
Birth Date: February 15, 1988
Age: 14-15 (TSOTB Series 2)
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Blue
Family Unnamed parents
Social Worker: Elaine (formerly)
Home: Stowey House (formerly; 2003-early 2004)
Occupation: Student
Affiliations: Stowey House (formerly)
First Appearance: Alien (TSOTB 2x5)
Last Appearance: Home and Hosed (TSOTB 2x26), Parties with Pudsey: Part 5
Portrayed by: Alicia Hooper

Amberella ''Amber'' Hurst was a former character of the second series of The Story of Tracy Beaker series and franchise, first introduced in Alien, which aired in 2003.

Previously, Amber was a rude-hearted girl whom came from a terrible background. When she was a little girl, her parents neglected her and sometimes abused her. This then caused Amber to run away. Soon after, she became part of a dangerous gang whom stole items from supermarkets.[1] Almost three months later, she then was taken to a care home, but kept running away[2]. She settled into Stowey House and left at the age of 15.

In the Tracy Beaker Books, Amber is quite an opposite to her TV Series' character. She is also a recurring and minor character in the books.

Amber departed in Home and Hosed, but made a guest appearance in the Tracy Beaker children in-need special, Parties with Pudsey.

She is played by Alicia Hooper.


Early Life

Amber was born on February 15, 1988 to unammed parents in a hospital in London (Alien, Home and Hosed). Her parents neglected her forcing her to run away and soon, she was part of a dangerous gang who would steal things from shops, and supermarkets. Then, a few months later she was taken into care a few months later, but kept running away (Alien). Afterwards, she was brought to Stowey House and was settled there.

Tracy Beaker Books

In the Tracy Beaker Books, Amber is brought to Stowey House, as a result of abuse from home. She mostly gets along with the other kids, especially, Tracy.

Television Series

Series Two

Alien - Amber makes her first appearance, as she scares the other kids.

Doggie - Amber continues living at Stowey House.

Bad Girls - She starts to get sick and tired of Tracy and the others following her, trying to be like her and spying on her and her friends.

Big Fight - Amber deals with Tracy, in the run up of a contest at the DG.

Hollywood - Amber continues living at Stowey House.

Home Truths - Amber continues living at Stowey House.

Day Trip - Amber continues living at Stowey House.

Christmas - Amber continues living at Stowey House.

Takeover - Amber steals Louise's large chocolate bar.

Work - She and Bouncer are doing badly at school, so Elaine gives them Saturday jobs.

Bridesmaid - Amber makes fun of Justine's bridesmaid dress.

Quiz - Amber, along with the other DG kids are entered in a Quiz contest.

Two-Timing Adele - Amber still is living at Stowey House.

Secrets and Lies - Amber tricks Lol into giving her a tape.

Music - Amber moves into Tracy's room.

Family Tree - Amber still is living at Stowey House.

Ben's Party - Amber accuses Ben of being wimpy and boring, so Ben throws a party at his house.

Get Lost - Amber still is living at Stowey.

The Long Goodbye - Amber is still living at Stowey.

Genius at Work - Amber is still living at Stowey.

Nathan's Assessment - Amber is still living at Stowey, and is interviewed (with the other kids) to give her thoughts, feelings and impressions of Nathan as he might loose his job.

Home and Hosed - Departure of Amber and is fostered.

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