Amber Hearst is a former resident of Stowey House II.


Before the Show

Amber had a young mother, who treated her more like a sister. However, this didn't work for her mother, so she put Amber in care. Amber was in care for a long time and had lived in many care homes.[1] She ran away from the 2 homes before Stowey House.[2]

Tracy Beaker Books

In the Tracy Beaker Books, Amber is brought to Stowey House, as a result of abuse from home. She mostly gets along with the other kids, especially, Tracy.

The Story of Tracy Beaker Series 2

Alien - Amber makes her first appearance, as she scares the other kids.

Bad Girls - She starts to get sick and tired of Tracy and the others following her, trying to be like her and spying on her and her friends.

Big Fight - Amber deals with Tracy, in the run up of a contest at the DG.

Takeover - Amber steals Louise's large chocolate bar.

Work - She and Bouncer are doing badly at school, so Elaine gives them Saturday jobs.

Bridesmaid - Amber makes fun of Justine's bridesmaid dress.

Quiz - Amber, along with the other DG kids are entered in a Quiz contest.

Two-Timing Adele - Amber still is living at Stowey House.

Secrets and Lies - Amber tricks Lol into giving her a tape.

Music - Amber moves into Tracy's room.

Family Tree - Amber still is living at Stowey House, and teases Tracy about her being alone and no family to put on her family tree for her school project. And begins to make Justine think that when Louise gets fostered, she'll forget all about her as she goes off with her new family.

Ben's Party - Amber accuses Ben of being wimpy and boring, so Ben throws a party at his house, which Amber crashes with two of her gang members, and starts to cause trouble.

Get Lost - Amber still is living at Stowey. Doesn't appear in the episode.

The Long Goodbye - Amber meets a couple that Tracy thinks would be the perfect foster parents for Amber, as they dress the same and own a motorbike, which she gets a ride on (Amber).

Nathan's Assessment - Amber is still living at Stowey, and is interviewed (with the other kids) to give her thoughts, feelings and impressions of Nathan as he might lose his job.

Home and Hosed - Last appearance of Amber. Helps the others make sure Tracy new foster parents will be capable of taking care of Tracy, and won't just dump her back at the Dumping Ground after a few months.

Tracy Beaker Parties With Pudsey

Amber returned in the 4th part of the Children in Need special to help Tracy with her big party for Pudsey she'd promised live on TV. Amber, now being a roadie was currently touring with the Cheeky Girls at the time, so she got them to perform at Tracy's Children in Need party.


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