Gender: Female
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Light blue
Skin Colour: White
Family Sue (mother)
First Appearance: In with the Wellards
Last Appearance: In with the Wellards
Portrayed by: Serren Morgan

Amy was a girl who appeared in Series 4.


Amy was very close to her mother, Sue, and went to an activity centre with her every Saturday. Amy first encounters Tracy and Cam when they try pottery.

Amy introduces herself and Sue starts boasting how her and Amy were half way through their 36 piece dinner set. Through out Tracy and Cam's visit she continues to make rude remarks about Tracy's pottery work. Soon they get revenge and smash a jug Amy and her mother were making. And is quite girly too.


Amy has big blue eyes and blonde hair in ringlets. She had a pink long sleeved top and a blue pinafore dress. In her hair she had a pink hairband. Other all her clothes she had a blue apron.


  • She was portrayed by Seren Morgan
  • If her and her mother were halfway through they would have made 18 pieces

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