Ashdene Ridge
Ashdene Ridge
Located: Newcastle
Administrator(s): Mike Milligan (head care worker)
May-Li Wang (care worker)
Resident(s): Jody Jackson
Toni Trent
Billie Trent
Tee Taylor (formerly)
Johnny Taylor (formerly)
Bailey Wharton (formerly)
Harry Jones (formerly)
Floss Guppy
Ryan Reeves
Finn McLaine
Tyler Lewis
Kazima Tako (formerly)
Carmen Howle (formerly)
Mo Michaels (formerly) Sasha Bellman
Chloe Reeves
Sammy Doyle (temporarily)
Used for: Care Home
First Appearance: Jody in Wonderland
Ashdene Ridge is the name of the care home used from series 2 of The Dumping Ground .

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