Baby was the third episode of the first season of The Dumping Ground. It aired at 17:00 on 11th January 2013 on the CBBC Channel.


When Shannay, the pregnant girlfriend of Lily's dad, Steve , moves into their flat, Lily feels jealous and thus commits rebellious acts. Shannay accidentally breaks the frame of Lily's picture, which is the last straw for Lily, so, with Mike's permission, she temporally moves back into The Dumping Ground. However, after some reassuring advice from those closest to her, Lily eventually returns to the flat and meets her new half-sibling.



  • It's very unlikely that Shannay would've been able to leave the hospital with Jonah the day after giving birth to him especially given the fact that she went into labour early. It's also unlikely she would have been out in the park with him the next day too as you're not supposed to take the baby out in public that soon after giving birth.
  • Johnny insults Tyler, by saying that he hasn't done anything, been anywhere or even know his dad, even though Johnny has done any of that or know his dad either.