Back and Bad
Series 2, Episode 1
P056m8rv d800
Air date 10th July 2003
Written by Mary Morris
Directed by Delyth Thomas
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Tracy comes back to the Dumping Ground with a bang after setting fire to Cam's kitchen. She swears never to see or talk to her again. Meanwhile, a new trainee careworker called Nathan arrives and he proves more than a match for the kids when they play pranks on him.


  • First appearances of Ben Hanson as Bouncer Plakova, Ciaran Joyce as Lol Plakova, Chloe Hibbert-Waters as Dolly and James Cartwright as Nathan Jones.
  • A Little Less Conversation by Elvis Presley is playing on the radio/stereo in this episode during the flashback where Tracy accidentally sets fire to Cam's kitchen.
  • This is the first time the building used as the Dumping Ground has changed.
  • When Dolly is showing Nathan the care workers in silly outfits, Maxy can be seen in a photograph (next to Justine and Louise).
  • The episode takes place on a Saturday (given Tracy and Dolly's claims of "Saturday Silly Hour").
  • Cam mentions events that happened in The Dare Game (by saying she forgot to take Tracy to school one morning).


  • When Cam is shouting at Tracy after the fire in the kitchen had happened, they're both dressed and their clothes are covered in soot. But when it shows how the fire in Cam's kitchen started, Tracy and Cam are both in their pyjamas. And it's unlikely they both would've got dressed during the fire.
  • No one seems to acknowledge the fact that they're in a different building, and that Ryan, Zac and Maxy have gone.