Bad Peter
Series 01, Episode 09
Director Unknown
Writer Unknown
Air Date 12 August 2002
Previous The 1000 Words About Tracy
Next Cam's House

Bad Peter is the ninth episode of the first series of the CBBC series "Story of Tracy Beaker" which was first broadcast on 12 August 2002.


Tracy is excitedly waiting to be taken out for the day. However, when Tracy sees who's going to be taking her out – Terry and Jill Brown – she's horrified to see they are old. On the other hand, Peter likes the look of them.

The day out doesn't go well, as Tracy is too lively for Terry and Jill to cope with. However, they like the look of Peter. Tracy overhears Jenny and Mike telling Elaine that Peter would probably be much better suited with the Browns, and is cross with Peter for ruining her chances. When Peter tells Tracy that he isn't ready to be fostered yet, she persuades him to be bad to put the Browns off. Peter starts pulling some of Tracy's antics, but when he shouts, 'I'm badder than Tracy Beaker!'

Jenny realises what has happened. Tracy screams at Peter, but when she insults his nan, his antics continue. Terry and Jill return in the middle of the chaos, but leave when they see how Peter is behaving. In a rage, Peter throws Tracy's photo of her mum out of the window, which Terry catches as he leaves the house. Tracy tells Terry and Jill that she told Peter to be bad, but he is rubbish at it – as she knew he would be, as he is her best friend.

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