Series 02, Episode 02
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Director Unknown
Writer Unknown
Air Date 26 May 2003
Previous Back & Bad
Next Brothers

Bedsit is the second episode of the Second Series of the CBBC series "Story of Tracy Beaker" which was first broadcast on 10 July 2003.


Tracy is bored of being fussed over by everyone after her return to the DG, so when she finds Adele's new bedsit address she decides go and visit her. Tracy decides to turn the garden shed into her bedsit. But the others also turn various rooms of the house into their bedsit, and Dolly causes chaos when she locks herself in the bathroom.


  • First episode with remixed, sped-up theme tune at the end.
  • Someone apparently kept in contact with Adele whilst she was at her bedsit and told her about Lol and Bouncer, given that comment of "You must be Lol and Bouncer" when they arrive at her bedsit.


  • Jenny allows Adele to return to the Dumping Ground despite her being 16 and therefore out of the system.
  • Amber is credited even though she does not appear in the episode.

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