Big Brother
Season 3, Episode 4
Air date 20/01/2012
Written by Dave Ingham
Directed by Craig Lines
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Big Brother was the fourth episode of the third season of Tracy Beaker Returns. It was first broadcast at 17:00 on the CBBC Channel on 20/01/2012.


After being convicted of attempting to mug a woman, Liam is made to wear an electronic tag.


  • First appearance of Jack O'Donovan (who is played by a different actor when we next see him).
  • Final regular appearance of Richard Wisker as Liam O'Donovan (he will return in The Dumping Ground for Liam's Story and the second season finale).
  • Liam's bedroom has been repainted from pink to a shade of blue.
  • This is the second time in Tracy Beaker Returns that someone claims to have hayfever (in this case, Liam).
  • The episode's title refers to the fact Liam has a big brother, and also a reference to either the character Big Brother from the book 1984, or the reality tv programme of the same name (which took its title from the book character) where a group of housemates spend weeks in a house under surveillance. Similarly, in this episode, Liam ends up under a kind of surveillance (being made to wear a tag and put under curfew) like the housemates in Big Brother.
  • This is the third (and final) time Liam has an altercation with the law.
  • On the fridge in the scene where Liam talks to Tracy about her and Cam, the magnets spell out 'Mi hermano o no?'(sic) and that means 'My brother or not?' in Spanish. This refers to the fact that Liam is wondering whether to move in with his brother or not.


  • When the lady is explaining to Liam the three strikes rule, the subtitles read "We operates", an error in grammar.
  • Tracy tells Liam that he will be 16 soon and should think about moving on from Elm Tree House. However, Frank is already 16 and has not left.
  • Lily goes uncredited.
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