"Never Ever Wanna See Him Again" is the 7th episode in Series 1 of The Story of Tracy Beaker and the 7th episode overall. It aired on January 29, 2002.


It's Tracy's birthday, but unfortunately for her, it's also younger boy Peter's birthday. He's extremely excited, but Tracy is doing her best to appear cynical and detached. Justine laughs at Tracy's hopes to get something from her mum, but the smile is wiped off her face when a card arrives in the post for Tracy.

Mike notices that the card from Tracy's mum is written in brown felt pen and realises that Peter left the card. However, it fooled Justine and Louise, and Tracy says it is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for her.

The party still goes wrong when Duke accidentally destroys Tracy's birthday cake and the sound system goes wrong. Tracy sulks in her room. Adele lures her downstairs and reveals that Ben has provided a new sound system. Tracy and Ben make friends again.


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Cultural References 

  • At Tracy and Peter's party, "Let Me Entertain You" by Robbie Williams can be heard.


  • When Tracy is dancing (during the party) someone can be heard saying "Go Dani"!