Bouncer Plakova
Birth Name: Bradley Plakova
Gender: Male
Birth Date: 1989
Age: 17 (as of TSOTB S5)[1]
Hair Colour: Dark brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Skin Colour: White
Social Worker: Elaine
Home: Unknown Care Home (prior to Series 2)
Stowey House (Series 2 and 3)
Cliffside (Series 4)
Unnamed Halfway House (Series 5)
Occupation: Paperboy (resigned)
Baker (resigned)
First Appearance: Back and Bad (2x1)
Last Appearance: The Wedding (5x20)
Portrayed by: Ben Hanson

Bradley 'Bouncer' Palkova is a boy who lives in the Dumping Ground in series 2 till 5 . He is then a trainee chef. Bouncer is the brother of Lol. He goes to a Half Way house at the end of series 4. He later returns to work as a chef in the Dumping ground. In series 3 he also works for a short time at a cake store. He is a nice caring person. The whole house his friend. He is very protective of his brother Lol and always supports him. He is also sometimes protective of Hayley, Marco and Layla and is like a big brother to them. It is presumed that Bouncer is still a chef, or at least works in the food industry.