Breaking In is the eighth episode of the third series of The Dumping Ground. It was broadcast at 5:00pm on 26 February 2015 on the CBBC Channel and CBBC HD.


Kazima and Tee must defend the Dumping Ground against burglars who break in to search for a mysterious package.

Deleted Scene

Just before the scene where the police drag Maz and Max out of the front door of Ashdene Ridge, a scene was deleted where the thieves are being dragged through the hall by the police. Max moans about his leg still hurting, and is told by Maz to keep quiet. Tee is quite chuffed about this turn of events.


  • It is revealed that Kazima is acrophobic (afraid of heights).


  • Kazima tells Tee that she leant the twins her phone to play games. But the twins had a phone in Now You See Me. (It may not have had games or it ran out of power and they did not have time to recharge it or they lost it.)
  • After Maz grabs the picture of Tee and her mum off Max, she says to him "Give me that" even though she has already taken it.
  • In the audio described version, the narrator often refers to Tee's bedroom as the kitchen.
  • When Tee tells Kazima that she never plays hide and seek, (because it reminds her of when she used to hide from her abusive step-dad Keith), in the Tracy Beaker Returns: You Choose episode "Cyberbullying", Tee is playing hide and seek with Johnny and seems to be enjoying herself.