Carmen: "I heard they sit on your backs when you get into fight."

Toby: "I heard they keep you locked up in your bedroom, all night."

–- Carmen and Toby talking about Burnywood

Burnywood is another care home that where some of the kids were sent to after Elm Tree House had closed down. It also used to be the residence of Tyler Lewis and Rick Barber. 


Burnywood was a lot cheaper than Elm Tree house, but it was run by a very strict "care" worker called Dennis Stockle, who treats every care kid like they're just prisoners and run the care home like it's a prison. As he would padlock any cupboards, the kitchen cupboards, the fridge, only allow the living room to be until 5:00pm, have signs around the house saying various house rules like "No Dancing", "No Posters", "No Shouting", "No Singing" etc. It's unknown what any of the other staff were like at Burnywood, as no one every mentioned any other staff. They probably had no control of the way things were run in the home, like Mike, Gina and Tracy struggled to do when Dennis took over Elm Tree for a short period of time. 

The care kids (or most of them) at Burnywood were bullies, been as it's been mentioned that both Tyler Lewis and Carmen Howle experianced bullying during their stay at Burnywood. It probably doesn't help that the children's role model is Dennis Stockle, who is a bully himself.

Burnywood did close down for a short period after a fire broke out in the home. It re-opened some time before Series 2 of The Dumping Ground. But been as Tyler Lewis and Rick Barber weren't moved back there, it was probably because Dennis resigned from his occupation as a care worker. So Rick and Tyler were now under Mike Milligan's care. And Kitty had been moved to a special home that knew how to look after people with the same (or similar) difficulties.

The actual building of Burnywood never appeared properly on-screen, but it did appear in a few animation sequences in Tracy Beaker Returns.


It's revealed in "The Burnywood Menace" that Tracy lived at Burnywood for 2 weeks before she lived in the Dumping Ground. It was said that she had all of her stuff nicked there, and she had her bedroom door kicked in 12 times.

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There's a small reference to Burnywood in the eighteenth episode of Series 3, "What Matters?", when Mike talks to the kids about the fire that happened the night before when some of the kids (Tyler, Bailey, Floss, Harry & Ryan) were up in the middle of the night making toast. But when Harry turned the heat up on the toaster so it wouldn't take so long to toast the bread, it caught fire. And what made it more hectic was that Toni and Billie had locked May-Li in the bathroom to stop her finding out Tee and Sasha had sneaked out to go to Skate Night, after being told they weren't allowed. The next morning, Mike talks to the kids saying "Let's talk about the Toast Party last night." and then went onto say "What do you want us to do? Padlock the fridge?". Which then followed Tyler's reply saying "You wouldn't".

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