Cam's First Visit
Series: The Story of Tracy Beaker
Series Number: Series One
Story Number: 1-4
Kids: Tracy Beaker
Justine Littlewood
Louise Goven
Adele Azupadi
Peter Ingham
Adults: Duke
Jenny Edwards
Mike Milligan
Cam Lawson (introduced; guest)
Broadcast: 29 July 2002
Format: 1 x 15 minute episode
Prod. Code: 1.4
Previous Story: Sneaking in Ben
Following Story: Child of the Week

Cam's First Visit is the fourth episode of the first series of The Story of Tracy Beaker. It focuses on the introduction of character, Cam Lawson, an aspiring writer who decides to visit the Stowey House.


There is much activity in the Dumping Ground. They are expecting a visitor, writer Cam Lawson. Tracy is especially excited and so Justine feels the need to dampen her spirits as much as possible.

Mike is in charge of the cleaning. The trouble is, the whole house needs a good clean and nobody will help. Maybe a bribe could help change Adele's mind. Meanwhile, Tracy decides that some make-up would help her make a good impression.