Cam's House
Series 01, Episode 10
Director Unknown
Writer Unknown
Air Date 19 August 2002
Previous Bad Peter
Next Dumping Ground Virus

Cam had quite a few homes during her time with Tracy. The first home of Cams that is introduced is her weeny flat on a grubby estate.


This flat, was not to Tracy's liking, as you can clearly see from the disgusted face that she pulls when she enters the flat, shown below. Tracy does not care for Cam's flat and describes it as 'unnatural' when she thinks that it does not have a computer, which cam reveals shortly after.

In this flat, Tracy and Cam play a game called 'fortunately, unfortunately' which Tracy enjoys in the end, after calling cam 'barking mad' during the game. Although Tracy enjoys this game, it causes her to choke on her lunch at Cam's when she gets too excited. Things get awkward in the game when Tracy mentions Cam fostering her.

When all this is happening, Tracy is wearing a fetching yellow polo and some slightly snazzy sky blue cargo pants.

In this flat, there are some tribal patterned throws on the chairs and the most of the furniture is made of wood. There is a large desk next to the window and Tracy steals a green, jewel patterned pen and a sharpener that resembles the earth from the draw of the desk. She later puts back the sharpener. There are some shelves cluttered with books and all sorts of strange ornaments placed on them in the flat. There is also a house plant.

When it is time for Tracy to leave Cam's flat, she is reluctant to go as she has taken a liking to Cam's grotty living space. This tells us that Cm's flat wasn't so bad after all (it doesn't smell as bad as it looks then!'

During another series, Tracy and Ben decide to break in to this very same flat and get caught red handed by cam while they are shoveling a box of chocs into their gobs. Cam isn't at all pleased with them both and gets very angry (not what Tracy was expecting!)

Cam's House is the tenth episode of the first series of the CBBC series "Story of Tracy Beaker" which was first broadcast on 19 August 2002.

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