Candi-Rose is a character from The Dumping Ground and is portrayed by Carma Hylton.


Before the Show

Candi-Rose reveals to Chloe that her father is an RAF pilot and her mother is a make-up artist, where she learnt "all her skills." She said she moved to Ashdene Ridge because her mother was moving abroad and was unable to take Candi-Rose with her, and her father is unable to care for her, due to being an RAF pilot, but in The Phantom of Ashdene Ridge, she mentions that on Halloween, her and her sister they didn't feel as alone as they weren't the only ones who were scared, and that they used to hide a lot. It's assumed they hid from their mum and dad (or both) because they were abusive to them.

The Dumping Ground (Series 5)

Candi-Rose first appears in Season 5 Episode 4 The Fairytale Princess, and she befriends Chloe whilst she is out shopping with Ryan. They ditch Ryan, and Chloe pretends that she attends boarding school, like Candi-Rose. Whilst Chloe is out with Candi-Rose, they notice the young people waving at them from the minibus but Chloe denies knowing them. May-Li introduces Candi-Rose to the young people, and both she and Chloe are shocked and hurt by the lies they told.

In Sittin' in a Tree, Candi-Rose shows Tyler how to get a girl's attention. After taking a magazine quiz, Candi-Rose realises the quiz concluded that Tyler is perfect for Jody, despite them denying it.

The Dumping Ground (Series 6)


Throughout the season, Candi-Rose frequently gives beauty advice to her fellow residents. She is generally a cheerful and kind girl, though at times she can be seen to be quite sneaky and spiteful, as seen when she tried to ruin Floss's day in the episode Faking It after Floss got the part in an advert instead of her. She is shown to be a talented singer, when in The Fairytale Princess, she chooses karaoke as her welcoming activity. Candi-Rose has shown to not be the brightest and overreacts to anything. On the whole she is a happy, kind bubbly girl. But she has shown that she's quite selfish and can be quite mean.


  • In the episode What Lies Beneath, Tee said she really reminded her of someone. She was meaning Carmen; as they are both very similar in that they both love the colour pink, both are into fashion, and both can be moody and self centred at times.