Candi-Rose is a character from The Dumping Ground and is portrayed by Carma Hylton.


Candi-Rose reveals to Chloe that her father is an RAF pilot and her mother is a make-up artist, where she learnt "all her skills." She needed to move to Ashdene Ridge because her mother was moving abroad and was unable to take Candi-Rose with her, and her father is unable to care for her, due to being an RAF pilot.

The Dumping Ground

Season 5

Candi-Rose first appears in Season 5 Episode 4 The Fairytale Princess, and she befriends Chloe whilst she is out shopping with Ryan. They ditch Ryan, and Chloe pretends that she attends boarding school, like Candi-Rose. Whilst Chloe is out with Candi-Rose, they notice the young people waving at them from the minibus but Chloe denies knowing them. May-Li introduces Candi-Rose to the young people, and both she and Chloe are shocked and hurt by the lies they told.

In Sittin' in a Tree, Candi-Rose shows Tyler how to get a girl's attention. After taking a magazine quiz, Candi-Rose realises the quiz concluded that Tyler is perfect for Jody, despite them denying it.


Throughout the season, Candi-Rose frequently gives beauty advice to her fellow residents. She is a cheerful and kind girl. She is shown to be a talented singer, when in The Fairytale Princess, she chooses karaoke as her welcoming activity.

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