Cash Cows
Series 5, Episode 8
Air date 29/01/06
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Cash Cows was the ninth episode of the fifth season of The Story of Tracy Beaker.


When the DG residents learn that Wolfie has been receiving money from his parents but is refusing to spend it, they split into two teams, each competing against each other to get Wolfie to spend the money on them. Elsewhere, Bouncer visits the Dumping Ground and various furniture starts going wobbly.


  • Tracy, Marco, Milly, Layla and Elaine are absent (although the latter is mentioned).
  • Rio is revealed to be 10 in this episode.
  • During Rio's fantasy, the scene where the palm trees part to allow the giant shoe to come out of the ground is a reference to Thunderbirds, where whenever Thunderbird 2 (one of the rescue craft) launched from its hangar to proceed down the runway, the palm trees in front of the hangar would flop down in order let the craft out due to its width.
  • This is the first episode where someone deliberately vandalises the Dumping Ground in order to carry out repiars. This later occurs in The Dumping Ground episode Stepping Up.