Season 2, Episode 2
Air date 09/12/14
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Challenges was the second episode of the second season of The Dumping Ground Survival Files. This episode was hosted by Carmen and Kazima giving advice on difficult situations.



  • In the clip where Mike tells Carmen she has to share with Kazima and Carmen yells that it will be "Jody all over again", the subtitles spell her name "Jodie".
  • In the clip where Frank finds he has failed his exams and tells Gina "you just said it was my whole future", the subtitles read "Jim said". Then when he tells Gina "don't patronise me" the subtitles read "don't bat your eyes at me".
  • In the clip where Faith is in the wheelchair and Frank is talking to her, when he tells her "I can visit if I want", the subtitles read "I can sit if I want".
  • When Kaz is telling Carmen that "sometimes saying something difficult" is hard, the subtitles omit the word "saying".
  • In the clip where Lily tells Carmen about Shannay's sister's cafe, the subtitles call Shannay "Sinead".
  • In the clip where the kids are plotting to get Frank's money back and Faith says "who's going to suspect the poor lame girl", the subtitles read "he's going to suspect".
  • When talking about the aforementioned scheme, Kazima says that Faith used her injury to help. However, Faith had recovered by the time of Finding Frank. While she still had her crutches, she was otherwise fine. Though as Kazima had only just met Faith, Kaz may have assumed Faith was still injured.
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