Chantal Wellard
Chantelle Wellard
Birth Name: Chantal Wellard
Gender: Female
Hair Colour: Dark Brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Skin Colour: Medium
Family Unnamed father
Rio Wellard (half-brother)
Roxy Wellard (half-sister)
Social Worker: Elaine Boyack
Home: Cliffside (former)
Elm Tree House (former)
First Appearance: Return to Sender
Last Appearance: Chantal's Goodbye
Portrayed by: Deepal Parmar

Chantal Wellard is the eldest and most glamorous of the Wellard family. At the beginning of series 5 she moves in with her dad, but she is still mentioned a lot by Roxy and Rio, and seen as cartoons. They are her half-siblings from the same mother and another father, but they always call eachother brother or sister, even when fighting. She is also very protective over her little brother and sister and cares about them a lot.


Chantal (in Series 4) had red and black dip-dyed hair worn mostly in a ponytail. She's very gothic like the rest of the Wellards. She likes to wear black, clothes mostly, black lipstick,and black gothic platform boots which is her trademark just like Roxy and Rio.

In Series 5, most people think she looks much prettier. She does not wear lipstick. She has her hair in a ponytail and has had it dip-dyed purple-pink. She wears things with black and pink.

Unlike her siblings, who are white, Chantal appears to be of Asian descent.


Chantal is very rebellious and is a bully along with Roxy and Rio who complete the gang. She at first plans to take over The Dumping Ground along with Roxy and Rio but at the beginning of Series 5, she moves in with her dad. In Series 5, you wouldn't think she is a Wellard. After that, Rio becomes more open with the other kids and so does Roxy (a little).

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