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Chelsie Padley

Chelsie is a well known english actress who played Louise in The Story of Tracy Beaker  up until series 3 . She comes up against Tracy because Justine Littlewood  took her away from her. Louise goes to get fostered by another foster family.She was in some parts of series 3 but she was mostly featured last in series 2 . she also attracts a lot of attention from Lol and Marco.

Dumping Ground friends

Tracy Beaker: Sometimes (before Justine arrived they were best friends)

Justine Littlewood: Usally Best Friend

Adele Azupadi: Friend

Ryan: Friend

Zac: Friend

Peter Ingham: Close Friend

Maxy: Friend

Lol: Close Friend

Bouncer: Close Friend

Dolly: Friend

Amber Hurst: Frienemy

Marco Maloney: Friend (dosn't know him very much though)

Crash: Friend                                                                         

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