Chloe then came to the dumping ground. Ryan wanted her all to himself, causing trouble for anyone who wanted to do anything with her. Chloe thought that Ryan was amazing but after talking to memebers of the DG she realised that he was actually quite mean and cunning. They then had many differences, it got so bad that Mike called in an independent visitor. The independent visitor got Ryan to write about everything that he was angry/annoyed about, he even wrote about how he got mike sacked. They then tied this note to a balloon but it fell out and Chloe found it. She then told Ryan and he got really angry but she swore not to tell anyone.


Chloe is the younger sister of Ryan, she is in a wheelchair because her mother was supposedly an alcoholic and left Ryan and Chloe alone in a house. Chloe fell out of a window leaving her paralysised from the waist down, but their mum blamed Ryan. Chloe sent Ryan multiple cards but he never read them. When she first came to the Dumping Ground she was quite eager of meeting Ryan saying that she forgave him for what he did but Ryan was resentful at meeting her. In the end, Tyler found a news article proving that it wasn't Ryan's fault that Chloe fell out of the window.