Chloe Reeves is a current resident of Ashdene Ridge. She is Ryan Reeves's younger sister.

Chloe lived with Ryan and her mother, but when she was 2, she sustained a fall that paralysed her from the waist down, and causing her to be wheelchair-bound for the rest of her life.


Before the Show

When Chloe was 2, her mother went shopping and left Ryan to look after Chloe, despite his young age. They lived on the first floor of a flat they lived in, and tragically, Chloe fell out of the window and broke her spine. It is unknown what happened to the family after the accident, although their mother blamed Ryan for pushing Chloe out of the window, which he believed was true until Tyler interviewed the shopkeeper that witnessed Chloe's fall. Chloe and Ryan were taken into separate care homes.

Her mother later moved to America with her boyfriend.

The Dumping Ground (Series 4)

The Dumping Ground (Series 5)

The Dumping Ground (Series 6)