Crash "Liam" Daniels was a character in The Story of Tracy Beaker. He is one of Tracy's best friends and is also best friends with Jackie Hopper.

Before Crash lived in care, he used to live with his dad, Theo Daniels. But he had a lot of anger issues and anything could tip him over the edge to make him lose his patience. He would take his anger out on Crash and would hit him. Crash developed his dad's anger issues, but unlike his dad, he only breaks things, not people. Crash developed his nickname "Crash", as he used to smash stuff whenever he got angry or upset. When Crash was in the care system and placed into Stowey House II, his social worker Elaine Boyak would give Crash anger management sessions, to help him control his anger. As Crash got older, he was able to control his anger a lot more than he used to. Crash wasn't just a boy who always lost his temper. He's very loyal to his friends and is very friendly. Crash is also very artistic, and has a great talent for painting. Painting and drawing is one of the things that helps Crash the most to calm him down and help his anger. His closest friends in the Dumping Ground seem to be Jackie Hopper, Tracy Beaker, Bouncer and Lol Plakova and later Justine Littlewood and Rio Wellard. It was also teased that Justine and Crash had a small romance, but it was probably never acted on been as when Justine returned in Tracy Beaker Returns, she had a fiance with a man called Charlie.

It's unknown what happened to Crash, in the last series of The Story of Tracy Beaker, Crash's dad Theo visited and told Crash he'd had a lot of anger management and could control his anger easier now. Theo talked about him and Crash living together again, but it's unknown is they actually went through with it or not. Crash also mentioned he had an interview with a comic book company called "Space Nut Comics" near the end of The Story of Tracy Beaker.