Cut the Weed
Series 01, Episode 23
Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 23.22.14
Director Unknown
Writer Unknown
Air Date 1 October 2002
Previous Temporary Care Worker
Next Need Armbands

Cut the Weed (also known as "Quiet Night"[1]) is the twenty third episode of the first series of the CBBC series "Story of Tracy Beaker" which was first broadcast on 1 October 2002.


It's Peter's last day at the Dumping Ground before he goes to live with Terry and Jill. Everyone attends his party, except Tracy, who is secretly looking after two giant African land snails for the weekend.

Later that night, it's full moon, and Zac has hung up garlic all over his and Ryan's bedroom so as to scare off vampires. And the snails escape from their cage. So, soon enough, everyone is creeping about all over the DG.


  • A blooper from this episode was shown on Hacker Time where in the scene where Zac discovers the snail slime (believing it to be ectoplasm). He then farts, apologises and then laughs.


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