Justine: Admit it - you were terrified.

Tracy: I'm braver than you, Justine Littlewood!
Louise: Justine's twice as brave as you.
Tracy: Prove it in a dare competition!
Justine: I've nothing better to do.
Zac: What's the prize?
Tracy: My old bedroom! Not as brave as you thought?
Justine: I'm in.
Adele: And if you chicken out, she gets your room.
Justine: What if SHE chickens out?
Tracy: You get to keep it. Want any help with the packing?

Dares is the second episode of the first series of The Story of Tracy Beaker. It was first aired on 15th January 2002 on CBBC.


Tracy and Justine challenge each other to various dares. If Tracy wins, Justine has to give her room back to her. Will Tracy succeed?


Main Cast

Guest Cast