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Dexter Bellman is a character from the Dumping Ground. He is the younger brother of Sasha Bellman.



Dexter lived with his mother, Sasha and later his younger brother Murphy (who was born after Sasha was taken into care). Their mother had to shifts at work to support her family, which meant that Sasha had to act as a parent to Dexter. However, Sasha was evenutally taken into care after getting into trouble with the law.

The Dumping Ground

After Sasha got into trouble at Ashdene Ridge (a.k.a. The Dumping Ground), where she had been put into care, Dexter found out from his mother where Sasha was staying and went to fetch her, apparently under the orders of his mother. On learning that Sasha was staying at the care home on a trial basis, Dexter invited himself in, only to be thrown out by Sasha, who told him he could not stay in care because he was not "bad enough". However, whilst inside the Dumping Ground, Dexter found Sasha's key to her room and stole it.

Sasha eventually discovered this and accompanied by Jody returned to Sasha's house to get the key back off Dexter. Whilst there, Dexter was told by Sasha that Murphy's nappies needed changing, but Dexter could not find any nappies, only to be told by Sasha to look around. Sasha and Jody then left, but Dexter was unable to find any nappies and was forced to shoplift. By chance, Sasha saw Dexter and created a distraction, and told Dexter she would get the nappies, instead. When she did not show up, Dexter panicked and went to Ashdene Ridge to look for her, only to find she was not there. Dexter then overheard a phone conversation involving someone being arrested for shoplifting and hid from Mike and May-Li. Believing that he had to do something bad to be put into care, Dexter vandalised the car of a visiting Health and Safety Officer.

In the end, Dexter did not get put into care, but was to stay with his mother and brother. His mother was to be given a care package, but had to abide to certain terms. season 4 season 5