Series 2, Episode 6
Air date 24th July 2003
Written by Tracy Brabin
Directed by Delyth Thomas
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Doggie is the sixth episode of the Second Series of the CBBC series "Story of Tracy Beaker" which was first broadcast on 24 July 2003. This was also know as Doggie Tale.


A stray dog is roaming the corridors of the DG and Dolly gets upset as he reminds her of a foster family's pet. Seeing Dolly sad, Tracy tries to help by offering to foster 'Fang' and they pursue him until he's safely locked up in Tracy's bedroom. Meanwhile Justine gets the impression that Lol has a crush on her, but it leads to an embarrassing turn out...


  • This is the first episode in the Tracy Beaker franchise to feature a dog.
  • It's revealed that Dolly's in care because her foster parents moved to Australia.
  • It's also revealed that Dolly used to have a dog when she lived with her foster parents. And that she had him since he was a puppy. But he ran away the night before Dolly's foster parents moved to Australia.
  • It's revealed that Duke doesn't like dogs. Which is similar to how he hates mice in the Series 1 episode "Sneaking in Ben".
  • Amber, Elaine, Cam and Ben are absent in this episode.


  • When Louise unknowingly steps in Fang's poo in the corridor, surely she would've seen the poo beforehand, and also would've been able to smell it too.
  • Fang's animated character's fur is a dark-light brown and white colour, when Fang actually has sandy blonde fur.
  • Dolly says that Fang looks just like her old dog Rocket, but in animations it shows Rocket as a Labrador looking dog.