Norman "Duke" Ellington was a care worker at the Dumping Ground during The Story of Tracy Beaker. As well as being a care worker, Duke was also the house chef and gardener. He's liked by pretty much all the kids and is the longest serving care worker in The Story of Tracy Beaker. Duke's last appearance was the series 4 finale, "We're Off the Map Now". He left off screen in-between Series 4 and was replaced by Mike Milligan, who originally only came back temporally until Duke returned from his holiday to the Caribbean, but after Duke had been gone for longer than expected it was assumed he took early retirement and was never coming back. Duke's real name is actually Norman, it's unknown how and why his nickname is "Duke".

Duke has faced some hostility towards his size. However once confronted by the children saying that he's really cuddly and that they would never forgive him if he ever changed, accepts that he is who he is, and loved by those around him.

He shared several emotional moments with the likes of Tracy and her friends. Like the rest of the staff (and residents), he maintains a disliking aura towards "Elaine the Pain".


Duke mentioned that he lived in a 3 bedroom house with his family whilst growing up, and that he had to share with his 4 brothers in the 3 bedroom house.


  • Clive Rowe, Duke's actor, was on the BBC sci-fi show Doctor Who. Other actors on it include Tracy ann Oberman (Terry Fender from Good Luck Boy), Louise Jameson (Angel from The Truth is Out There), Nisha Nayar (Elaine), John Bell (Toby Coleman) and Chris Finch (Jack O'Donovan in The Dumping Ground). Richard Whisker (Liam O'Donovan), Sonny Muslim (Ryan Patterson) and Ciaran Joyce (Lol) were also stars in Doctor Who's spin offs; Richard and Sonny were in the Sarah Jane Adventures and Ciaran was in Torchwood.