Duke Ellington
Birth Name: Norman Ellington
Gender: Male
Hair Colour: Dark brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Skin Colour: Black
Occupation: Cook and carewoker
First Appearance: Tracy Returns to the Dumping Ground
Last Appearance: Parties With Pudsey, Part 5
Portrayed by: Clive Rowe

Norman "Duke" Ellington is a care-worker and also the Dumping Ground's chef and gardener from season 1 to 4. In season 5 he went off on a holiday to the Caribbean which he never returned from. So everyone assumed that he took an early retirement. He was missed a lot, as Mike wasn't as good as cooking as Duke. He is loved by all the kids and the other careworkers.

Duke has faced some hostility towards his size. However once confronted by the children of The Dumping Ground, accepts that he is who he is, and loved by those around.

He shared several emotional moments with the likes of Tracy and her friends. Like the rest of the staff, he maintains a disliking aura toward Elaine the Pain.


  • Clive Rowe, Duke's actor, was on the BBC sci-fi show Doctor Who. Other actors on it include Tracy ann Oberman (Terry Fender from Good Luck Boy), Louise Jameson (Angel from The Truth is Out There), Nisha Nayar (Elaine), John Bell (Toby Coleman) and Chris Finch (Jack O'Donovan in The Dumping Ground). Richard Whisker (Liam O'Donovan), Sonny Muslim (Ryan Patterson) and Ciaran Joyce (Lol) were also stars in Doctor Who's spin offs; Richard and Sonny were in the Sarah Jane Adventures and Ciaran was in Torchwood.