The Dumping Ground Island was a 50 minute Christmas special of The Dumping Ground It was first broadcast on 22nd December 2017 at 5:00pm on CBBC and CBBC HD. It was later rebroadcast as two separate episodes on 9 September 2018.


Fed up with responsibilities piling up on top of him, Tyler wishes he could retreat to a desert island and gets his wish. But when paradise turns into a nightmare, will Tyler be able to get over his fears and escape?


  • This is the second Christmas special of the Dumping Ground since Jody in Wonderland.
  • Most of the episode is filmed in the North East of England as well as CreteGreece
  • This is the first episode in the Tracy Beaker franchise to be filmed abroad.
  • Footage from the episodes Seriously Funny, Baby, Home Alone, Stepping Up and Two For Joy can be seen on the laptop in the cave.
  • Ryan references the events of Hold The Front Page.
  • Part 1 features the second use of a "Next Time" trailer, while Part 2 features the fifth use (in broadcast order) a "Previously" trailer.