Dumping Ground Virus
Series 01, Episode 11
Director Unknown
Writer Unknown
Air Date 19 August 2002
Previous Cam's House
Next Justine's Telly

Dumping Ground Virus is the eleventh episode of the first series of the CBBC series "Story of Tracy Beaker" which was first broadcast on 19 August 2002.


Tracy is ill. It soon spreads around the Dumping Ground, incapacitating everyone but Adele and Justine, the latter of whom is trying her best to get the virus so she can avoid seeing the dentist.

When Maxy picks up the phone to Elaine, he lets slip that everyone is ill, and she comes along to help, inadvertently making the situation much worse. Tracy and the others try to make out that Elaine has the virus to get rid of her, but it doesn't work, so Tracy has to think of another plan.

When Adele mentions to Tracy that Elaine told her that another care home is also ill, Tracy gets Maxy to tell Elaine that the other home needs her. Elaine reluctantly leaves, and when Tracy announces this to the house, everyone appears to suddenly be better...