Elektra Perkins
Birth Name: Mandy Perkins
Alias(es): Blue Hair (by Dennis)
Lex (by Kali)
Gender: Female
Hair Colour: Brown

Blue highlights

Eye Colour: Brown
Skin Colour: Light
Family Melissa Perkins (sister)

Maryl Perkins (mother) Bernard Perkins (father)

Relationships: Carmen Howle (frenemy)

Toby Coleman (friend)
Faith Davis (friend/roommate) Sapphire Fox (frenemy)
Kali (former friend)

Home: Elm Tree House (formerly)

Perkins Household

Occupation: Online T-Shirt Seller
First Appearance: Elektra
Last Appearance: What Lies Beneath
Portrayed by: Jessica Revell

Mandy 'Elektra' Perkins was a former resident of Elm Tree House and is now an sells t-shirts online.


Elektra lived with her parents and her sister, Melissa. Unlike her sister, Elektra had a rebellious attitude toward her parents, including being a vegetarian and on one occasion, ending up in jail on her sister's prom night. Fed up of dealing with her, Elektra's parents put her into care.

While in care, Elektra met a girl named Kali. The care home they lived in was rough, so the girls formed themselves into a gang called The Cobras, initially to protect themselves. However, they eventually recruited more members and became a gang that harassed others. Eventually, after being moved through a series of care homes, Elektra ended up staying at Elm Tree House.

Tracy Beaker Returns - Series 2

On arriving at Elm Tree House, Elektra behaved politely in front of the care workers, tricking them into believing she was a nice girl. However, on entering the lounge, Elektra immediately picked a fight with Liam, only to storm off after he refused to retaliate.

Carmen came to Elektra's bedroom, where Elektra put on an act for her that she always had a fight on her first day and wanted to get it over with. She then went to see the others in the lounge (save for Liam and Frank who were setting up a den in the attic). After a meagre lunch, Elektra befriended the girls and later Frank, Toby and Johnny into a club called "SETA - Secret Elm Tree Army". She then had the kids do initiation tests for her which at first seemed like harmless pranks - including Johnny removing parts from a hoover to make it malfunction. She then upped the stakes by having the kids do more dodgy activities such as having Carmen steal £20 from the office. Elektra lied to the kids that she would return the objects, and after noticing that Harry had spied on them, cut off Jeff's leg. She was found out after Liam tricked Elektra into confessing and both Frank and Tracy had overheard her. Elektra expected to be thrown out, but learnt from Mike that they were not giving up on her, to which she replied "you will".

She secretly writes poetry which she mixes with Rick's beats in the episode Seriously Funny. Initially, Elektra slept on her own, but was later made to share it with Sapphire and later Faith.

Elektra usually causes trouble, but she has had some heroic moments such as saving [[Harry Jones|Harry]] from a poisonous adder and stopping the Cobras (her old gang) from mugging [[Toby Coleman|Toby]].

Elektra eventually becomes more friendly with some of the residents at Elm Tree House but most of the residents largely dislike her. She had a strong rivalry with Sapphire but they have been known to team up in times of trouble, such as when Johnny was made to shoplift by some thugs. She also has a strong dislike for Liam. Such as getting Liam to set his tag alarm off when she and Tyler move Liam's bedroom into the garden out of the 300ft guidelines.

Elektra seems to spend a lot of time in her room and usually gets fustrated and angry when people enter without knocking.

Elektra wears blue, green, grey and occasionally a bit of yellow and sometimes black clothes. She goes for skinny jeans and tops with Dr. Martens. She has blue ones with yellow laces,black ones with blue laces and yellow ones with blue laces.In Tracy Beaker Returns she would usually wear her blue Dr. Martens and in The Dumping Ground she would usually wear her yellow ones.

Elektra vanished without explanation in-between seasons 1 and 2 of The Dumping Ground. According a Twitter message by Elly Brewer (then-head writer) Elektra went to live with her sister. It was revealed in [[The Dumping Ground Dish Up]] that she now runs an internet-based t-shirt design company.

Although not the most famous character on the show, she was a very special character due to her being the first LGBT character on the show, as a lesbian. Although her coming out was never seen on the show, in scenes in her bedroom, she has an LGBT pride flag hung on her wall.


===Melissa Perkins===

Melissa is Elektra's older sister. She is introduced in the Tracy Beaker Returns episode, Going Home. Melissa comes to Elm Tree House to ask Elektra to be her bridesmaid. She calls Elektra by her real name, Mandy unknown the fact that Elektra goes under a street name. This causes Johnny to make fun of her, by calling her "Mandy". Melissa takes Elektra to a wedding dress shop to look at dresses and buys a pouffy, peach-coloured dress for Elektra which she doesn't like. When Elektra goes home, Mandy agrees with what their mother says showing that she is a pushover. Elektra runs out of the house before she gets to meet Mandy's fiance, Harvey. When Elektra arrives back at the house she burns the bridesmaid dress in anger and (pretending to be her mother) calls the place that is hosting her sister's wedding to cancel it, despite Sapphire's insistence that she is going too far. Melissa tries to make it up to Elektra by giving her a pair of white Dr. Martens, but when Elektra tells her that she has cancelled her wedding, this causes Melissa to call Elektra "evil" and "a selfish little brat who doesn't deserve a family" and gives Elektra a lecture about how she always overshadows her with the trouble she causes. In the end she gives the shoes back to Elektra with a picture enclosed. She also tells Elektra that she took her advice and got married in a field doing what she wants to do rather than what her mother wants her to do. It is revealed that Melissa was forced into joining the school choir was a teenager  even though she has bad stage fright.

In The Dumping Ground episode [[Freedom]], Melissa got into contact with social services to ask if Elektra can get moves closer to her. However Gina doesn't let her go because of her behaviour over the past few days.

Elektra now lives with Melissa, according to a Twitter message by the then-Head Writer.

===Maryl Perkins===

Maryl is Elektra's controlling mother who critisises her daughter's actions. She thought of Elektra as the dark horse of the family because of her rebellious nature causing her to kick her out. Elektra has a strained relationship with her mother who tries to change her. At first Maryl tries to make amends with Elektra by cooking her vegetarian lasagne. However things start going wrong when she tries to cut a lock of hair and tells her that she cannot wear her blue highlights at Melissa's wedding. It also turns out that Maryl has been lying to Harvey, claiming Elektra was at boarding school as opposed to being in care. This causes Elektra to storm out of the house. 

===Bernard Perkins===

Bernard is Elektra's father. In the episode [[Going Home]], Bernard tries to make up with Elektra when she goes to visit her old home. When things started going wrong Bernard blames Elektra saying that it's always her fault that things go wrong. He is shown to have been lying to Melissa's fiance and his relatives saying that Elektra has been attending boarding school rather than living in The Dumping Ground.

===[[Carmen Howle]]===

In [[Elektra (TV Story)|Elektra]], Carmen is the first person to offer to be Elektra's friend. In Chain Reaction, Carmen gives Elektra a necklace however when Lily returns, Carmen takes the necklace back and gives it to Lily instead. Elektra begins to bully Carmen out of jealousy. In the end they make up and become friends. 

In the first episode of Series 3, Elektra helps Carmen to get back at Tyler for stealing her things when she got sent to Burnywood. They take his things outside and Elektra convinces Carmen to burn his things.

===[[Toby Coleman]]===

Toby once tried to teach Elektra chess. He makes Elektra see that Kali is a bad friend and is mugged by The Cobras before Elektra manages to save him.


Ex-best friend. Kali is seen in the episode [[Snake Bite]], where she gets in contact with Elektra, claiming that she has changed her ways. Elektra breaks up her friendship with Kali after she and her gang mug Toby.

===[[Faith Davis]]===

Faith shares a room with Elektra and they appear to be on good terms with one another.

===Liam O'Donovan===

Rival. Elektra attacked Liam on first arriving at the DG, and was later outsmarted by him. They do not get along at all and often calls him a loser, they are very alike and this leads to them fighting a lot.


Enemy. Sapphire and Elektra appear to be enemies mainly by Harry when Elektra bullies him although they have teamed up in extreme times such as the time Johnny was made to shoplift by two muggers.