Elektra (episode)
Series 2, Episode 6
Air date 4th February 2011
Written by Elly Brewer and Ben Ward
Directed by Craig Lines
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You may be looking for the character Elektra.

Elektra was the sixth episode of the second series of Tracy Beaker Returns. It was first broadcast at 17:00 on the CBBC Channel on 4th February 2011.


New girl Elektra starts a frightening club, which starts to turn life in the dumping ground upside down as it turns more into a gang. Meanwhile Tracy and Sapphire end up embarrassing themselves after using Gina's special pasta sauce.


The episode opens with Elektra behaving politely in front of the care workers. They ask if she wants to be introduced to the others, but she asks to be allowed to see the others on her own. As she feels it's always so formal when there's staff they. They allow her to go introduce herself on her own.

In the lounge, Elektra's personality switches to a more aggressive one and demands to know who is in charge. Everyone seems to look at Liam, so she then marches up to him (who's playing pool with Frank) and shoves him over the pool table. Despite the provocation, Liam refuses to retaliate. Elektra storms out. While Liam asks they others why look at him, and tells them to fight their own battles for a change.

Carmen goes to Elektra's bedroom and asks why she picked a fight. Elektra claims this is because she had a fight on her first day in every other care home she has been in and wanted to "get it over with". Carmen suggests she meets the others again. She does so and everything is more pleasant this time.

Elsewhere, Liam and Frank start to set up a secret den in the attic. Frank however, says that it is unfair that Liam is keeping the other residents out, on the grounds that they are "family". Liam retorts with "even Elektra?" and they fall out.

Elsewhere, Tracy and Sapphire are in charge of cooking curry for lunch. All goes well, but with one small problem: they have accidentally used Gina's pasta sauce. Worried about being told off by Gina as though they were school children, they decide to go into town to do a shop after lunch.

While Tracy and Sapphire are in town, Elektra gradually ropes the other kids (aside from Harry, Gus and Liam) into forming SETA - Secret Elm Tree Army. Frank takes everyone up to the attic to use as a hide-out, much to Liam's disgust. With Liam out of the picture, Elektra declares that in order for everyone to become an "official" member, they must pass initiation tests. This leads to Frank tampering with the taps (leading to Gina getting soaked when they blast water out like a hose), Johnny taking parts out of the vacuum (leading to it spewing dirt) and Tee taking one of Gina's hair extensions. Elektra then makes the challenges more dubious - Carmen has to steal a £20 note (using keys to the staff office Elektra stole), and Toby must steal a member of staff's watch.

Meanwhile, Tracy and Sapph, having bought replacement pasta sauce decide to buy hot dogs to celebrate. Unfortunately, neither of them have any money. After failing to run away without paying, the hot dog seller finds a way for them to pay for their food: Tracy and Sapph must dress up as giant sausages to advertise the hot dog seller's stand. He eventually tells them they are scaring away his customers and tells them they can stop. Unfortunately, Tracy and Sapphs' clothes have been nicked. Luckily, Liam is in town and is able to pay for them to take the bus back to the Dumping Ground. However, they are forced to take the trip dressed as sausages.

Liam sneaks Tracy and Sapphire round the back door and they replace the pasta sauce. However, he then starts shouting for everyone to see "the amazing talking sausages", prompting everyone to look and see Tracy and Sapphire dressed as sausages. They are forced to explain to Gina in the staff office that they used her pasta sauce and went to replace it without telling her to avoid looking stupid (which has failed in hindsight). Liam then enters the office with Tracy and Sapphire's clothes - it is he who stole them.

Later that night, Carmen and Toby go through with their dares. Elektra congratulates them. She then sees that Harry has seen them, so she goes to his bedroom and cuts off one of Jeff's legs to prevent him from saying anything.

The following day, Gina finds her watch is missing and Mike finds he is £20 short to pay the plumber (and has to ask Tracy if she has £20). The kids are confused by this as Elektra claimed she would return the items. In a meeting after breakfast, the staff try to ask everyone if they know who is responsible, but Elektra feigns that the staff are picking on her for being the new girl and no one else confesses to any crime. After everyone is dismissed, Sapphire notices that Harry is absent. Apparently, he is poorly.

Tracy asks Liam if he knows what is going on. He in turn asks Frank and they settle their differences. Liam then bangs on Elektra's door, claiming that he knows the truth. She takes him and Frank to the attic where Liam (having learnt the truth from Frank) tricks Elektra into confessing in front of Tracy, who was hiding in the attic.

Elsewhere, Sapph goes to see Harry and sees that Jeff has lost one of his legs. She asks Harry who did it and tells her it was Elektra. Enraged, she finds Elektra in the hallway and starts a fight, having to be broken up by Tracy and Mike.

The episode ends with Elektra, having packed her things, going downstairs to ask Mike when she will be moved. To her surprise, Mike says that he will merely sanction her (like he will do with the others) and she will not be moved. He tells Elektra that they are not giving up on her, to which she replies "You will".

Animation Segments

  1. Shows Tracy and Sapphire being told off by Gina by wagging her finger at them, to which Tracy and Sapphire end up turning into little kids in school uniforms and start to shrink. Whilst Gina is still wagging her finger at them.
  2. Shows Elm Tree house with Carmen, Tee, Johnny, Toby and Frank standing at the windows smiling at waving at each other. But Elektra comes out the door, and when she shuts it, it causes cracks to show on the house and the house eventually falls down. Showing Elektra as being a homewrecker to the Dumping Ground.


  • First appearance of Jessica Revell as Elektra Perkins.
  • This is the first time Jeff has a part of his body cut off, in this case, his leg. Elektra also threatened to cut his head off. She didn't, but and this will eventually happen in The Dumping Ground episode It's Not About The Money, but Floss Guppy being the one to do it.


  • When Elektra pushed Liam over the pool table, surely Mike, Gina and Tracy would've heard the commotion from the office.
  • In the middle of the episode in changes to the next morning with Tracy, Sapphire and Gina, but then in cuts back to Elektra, Carmen, Tee and Frank when it was just after tea time.
    And it is after tea time when they're in the garden playing football, because Elektra says "I'm still hungry, why don't we have a proper sized curry after this.". As everyone was complaining how small the portion of curry was that Sapphire and Tracy made. But Tracy, Sapphire, Gina and Liam all seemed to of travelled in time to the next morning.
  • Harry doesn't seem to react or be upset when Elektra cuts off Jeff's leg. Although this could be kind of excused, been as Philip-Graham Scott (Harry) was probably only about 5 or 6 at the time. Although he did manage to react when Johnny threw Jeff into the drain in an earlier episode.

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