Carmen: I am the one person in this house, who has prepared to be your friend. Elektra, you don't have to be like this!

–- Carmen to Elektra in Chain Reaction.

The friendship between Elektra and Carmen is a bit all over the place. Sometimes they like each other, but then the next minute they hate each other. Or sometimes they're in the middle when they don't like or dislike each other. Carmen was the first person in the Dumping Ground to try and become Elektra's friend, and to see the best in her.

Tracy Beaker Returns

Series 2

In Elektra, Carmen is the first person to offer to be Elektra's friend. In Chain Reaction, Carmen gives Elektra a necklace however when Lily returns, Carmen takes the necklace back and gives it to Lily instead. Elektra begins to bully Carmen out of jealousy. In the end they make up and become friends again. 

Series 3

In the first episode of Series 3, Elektra helps Carmen to get back at Tyler for stealing her things when she got sent to Burnywood. They take his belongings outside and Elektra convinces Carmen to burn his things with a lighter she found with Tyler and Rick's stuff. The two girls have a frenemy friendship, so they can go from being good friends to completely hating each other the next.

The Dumping Ground

Series 1