People in this place, all they do is go on about their sad little lives. "Mummy and Daddy didn't want me, foster parents didn't pick me!" Boo hoo. Gets them nowhere. Because nothing changes, no matter how much you cry or how sorry you feel for yourself. It makes you weak. It's a waste of energy. I have to stay strong.

–- Faith to Elektra in The Real Faith Davis.

Faith Davis is a character from The Dumping Ground. She is portrayed by Leanne Dunstan.



Faith lived with her grandmother and brother in a flat. However, as time passed, Faith's grandmother became unwell, and eventually passed away, which prompted Razz to run away from the flat. Faith lived alone in the flat, lying to social workers about how things were and had to cook, clean, pay bills and look after herself. However, one day she told a teacher about her situation at home in confidence. This led to Faith being taken away by social services to live at Elm Tree House.

The Dumping Ground

Series One

Faith moved into Elm Tree House in-between the end of Tracy Beaker Returns and the beginning of The Dumping Ground, where she was made to share a room with Elektra. When Mike left for his holiday, Faith ended up having to toss a grenade out Elm Tree House. The grenades had been found by Johnny and Harry had pulled the pin out of one of them, not knowing what it did. The grenade exploded and Gina, who was out in the garden (which was where Faith tossed the grenade) was taken to hospital with concussion. The Army had to be called in to confiscate the grenades and Faith received a telling off from one of the officers, mistaking her for a careworker. After this, Faith went to use the phone to find out what had happened to the care worker who would be Mike's relief. However, Elektra stopped Faith from making her call, citing that she could pretend that she was a care worker to the relief care worker, given that the army officer had mistaken Faith for being a care worker. Faith nixed this idea, as well as Elektra's protest that Faith would not have to do anything while being in charge on the basis that none of the kids had ever had to cook or clean. When Mike's relief did show up, Faith, who had taken umbrage at the relief care worker mercilessly punishing the children, lied to her and claimed that she was in fact the relief care worker. Later that day, in which a frustrated Gus pulled a pin on a grenade he had kept nearly destroying the house, it was decided that Faith would take lead (as opposed to getting another relief care worker) until Gina returned from hospital.

Days later, the kids ran out of food. They pooled all of their remaining (or so they thought) money together and sent Tyler and Frank out to buy food. Later, when Frank and Tyler returned home, claiming that they had been mugged, Faith accepted the boys' story, unaware they were lying. That same day, Faith discovered that Elektra had entered herself into a competition to win herself a trip to Australia. Elektra was selected to be a finalist, but to Faith's horror, a representative would be coming to the Dumping Ground to interview Elektra. Faith was against this as the kids were home alone, but Elektra coerced Faith in to pretending to be a care worker, otherwise she would blow the lid on what had happened.

The following day, after Elektra failed her interview she revealed to the competition representative that Faith was in fact not a care worker and blew the lid on the kids' situation. However, Tee had phoned Gina to warn her what had happened, potentially saving Elm Tree House from being closed down and the careworkers losing their jobs. Faith, like the other kids, was sanctioned by having her pocket money docked until the petty cash and Johnny's savings, which the kids had raided after discovering he had not pooled of his money and used some of it to buy chocolate biscuits, had been replaced.

Faith had the ambition of being an athlete and would go for runs during the day to train herself. She also entered herself into competitions and races. One such race was a charity run, where Faith was running for an anti-child abuse charity, as seen in The Real Faith Davis. Unfortunately, the day before the race, the police came for Faith. This raised the suspicions of the other kids, including Elektra, citing that she knew nothing about her even though she was her room mate. This led to the kids searching her room, finding her golden bracelet with the name "Razz" on it and concluding that Faith was a gang member and "Razz" was her gang name.

Faith was disgusted to learn what the kids were saying about her on returning to the Dumping Ground. It turned out that Faith had been asked by the police to participate in a DNA test as a body believed to be her brother Razz had been found. The other kids, including Frank, tried to comfort her over her brother's possible death, only for Faith to rebut everyone. It transpired that the body was not Razz's, which finally sent Faith over the edge.

The following day, Elektra convinced Faith to take part in the charity run, saying that her attitude did not square with something she had told Elektra the previous day, to not mope about her past like the other residents of the DG but to get on with her life, as well as the fact Johnny was going to run in her place. In the end, both Faith and Johnny ran the race.

When Frank got a job in a cafe and met a clairvoyant who could apprently contact the dead, Faith defended Frank's opinion saying that if he believed that he was in contact with his deceased grandfather, then it ought to be respected. The following day, Faith went to the cafe and met the clairvoyant, asking if she could contact Razz, wanting closure as to whether he was dead or alive. Angel, the clairvoyant, apparently contacted Razz, giving Faith peace. However, Rick, who had had experience with con artist parents, said that Angel was in fact cold calling. Faith tested this the following day when she lied to Angel that, among things, she had a guitar as a present from Razz and Angel claimed he knew she practiced everyday, when in reality, Faith did not have a guitar.

In Scary Beasts, Faith encountered Razz whilst out on a morning run. Razz had tracked Faith down via her donation page for the charity run. Faith yelled at Razz that a body had been found which the police had believed to be him, which Razz concluded was due to his wallet getting stolen, explaining how the body had a wallet with his name. Faith berated Razz for abandonning her and fobbed him off, only to have to protect him inside the Dumping Ground when she learnt Razz's ex gang mates were following him. She later discovered this had been because the gang members had tracked him through his phone's GPS.

Whilst in hiding, Razz tried to convince Faith to run away with him as he had acquired a large sum of money. Faith disagreed, citing among things that she was not going to give up college. After the ex gang members found Razz and were eventually scared off by Mo's snake (thinking it was posisonous) Razz decided that it was better for Faith to be living at Elm Tree House.

Series Two

Prior to the start of series two, Faith had applied for the County Athletics Team and had come first in an 800m race. She hoped that she would be accepted into the team and was still waiting for confirmation on the day Bailey was taken to live at Ashdene Ridge. Despite Bailey being rude to everyone, Faith tried to befriend him, offering him her mobile phone to ring his dad after Bailey's phone ran out of power and credit.

The following morning, Faith saw Bailey scarpering from Ashdene Ridge and gave chase, only to be hit by a car. She was taken to hospital and had to be operated on for injuries she had sustained, including to her back. She did not suffer permanent damage, but would be left wheelchair bound for a period of time, before progressing to crutches before she could walk normally again. She would also not be able to go training whilst recovering.

As it turned out, Faith did qualify for the County Athletics Team. However, her injuries meant she could not take part and being out of action for the period of time she was, meant that she would not be fit enough to qualify for the team the following year.

Faith returned to the DG a week later. She was greatly distressed about her situation and proceeded to behave in a nasty manner toward the other DG residents, including getting Harry and Floss to tidy up her bedroom by claiming it was a game and then ordering Harry, Floss and Mo out so she could watch a film. Frank, who had moved out of the DG by this time but was still making regular visits, advised her that Faith was not useless and that she would get better. Faith fobbed Frank off, but his words encouraged her to take action to encourage the other kids to find Bailey and bring him back to the Dumping Ground.

By the time of The Dumping Ground Experience, Faith had progressed to walking with crutches. She was finally able to walk normally by the time of Finding Frank, but still possessed the crutches. It was in that episode that Faith, with Rick and Carmen, went to Frank's flat to see him, as they had not seen him in weeks. Finding Frank's flat empty and having an encounter with a nasty man whom Frank owed money, the young people concluded Frank had gone missing and was now in trouble.

After Mike filed a missing person's report, the young people went out to hand out posters to look for Frank after being encouraged by Bailey. Frank was eventually brought back to the Dumping Ground along with a girl named Kazima, whom Frank had met. It transpired Frank had got into debt playing numerous games of poker with his neighbours and had been forced to live on the streets. Faith took part in a plan to swindle Frank's money back from the people who had cheated him out of it - Faith, using her crutches to fake being injured, would claim she had lost an engagement ring at Frank's flat. This would be "found" by Kazima, who would then get Frank's neighbours to pay her with all the money they had won off Frank so that she would keep quiet as to the whereabouts of the ring. The plan worked, but when the careworkers found out what had happened, Faith was grounded (along with Rick) as a consequence of putting herself in danger.

In Endurance, Faith took part in "Touch the Telly" challenge to determine whether the young people would watch "Find Me a Star" (which Faith wanted to watch) or the football, as they were both being shown at the same time but on different channels. She ended up out of the game when Tyler and Jody got into a fight and ended up shoved off from touching the tv and Mo (who was referee) decided they were out. While Faith's team eventually won, she, like the other young people, did not get to watch her programme as everyone fell asleep in front of the tv set.

In I Have a Dream, Faith ended up in a baking competition against Rick and Tyler. This came about after Faith put her washing in with Rick's (who was not happy having Faith's undergarments mixed with his washing), the clothes coming out pink in colour (after Frank put a red shirt in without either Rick and Faith knowing) and Rick claiming that boys could do anything better than girls if they put their minds to it. Faith was assisted by Jody, where she revealed to Jody that her grandmother had made Faith learn her cake recipe by heart so Faith could teach it to her children. Faith went on to win the contest, which led to Rick, Tyler and Frank (as it had been discovered he was responsible for sabotaging the washing) wearing girly outfits as a forfeit for losing. However, later that night, when Faith went to have a shower, she discovered that Rick had used half of her shampoo out of revenge.

In Sticks and Stones, Faith wanted to have her nails manicured by Carmen, who had received a new manicure set. This was interrupted after Floss spilt some glitter and scarpered off with some of Carmen's belongings. Later that day, Faith noticed that Bailey was rather quiet on returning from his failed football tryout. She went to see him in his room and coaxed out from him that the coach had called Bailey a racist word. She and Bailey both went to tell Mike and May-Li about this. However, after Mike went to tell off the coach for what he had said, Bailey had a go at Faith for getting involved. The following day however, the pair reconciled and both agreed to keep quiet about the fact that Bailey cried and that he considered Faith a friend of his.

At some point during series 2, Faith had managed to get herself work experience at a health spa. In Face The Music, Faith was joined by Frank who managed to lose both of their jobs after Frank picked a fight with Liam and Faith tried to break up the fight. This annoyed Faith as she wondered how this would look on her personal statement for her college applications and also threw a spanner in the works in her goal to become a physiotherapist. She spent the rest of the day with some of the other residents trying to find another job in the classifieds, which proved to be fruitless.

Later on, Faith ended up being part of a plan by Frank to get herself a new work placement. Frank, with the help of Harry and Floss, had invited Sian da Silva, a council member with whom Mike was in love with, to the DG for lunch. At the DG, Sian would meet Faith, see how nice she was and so get her a new work placement. Initially, Faith refused to have anything to do with the plan, but was talked round by Kazima who explained to her that the plan was to help Faith get a new work placement, as Faith had not realised this. Faith did indeed meet Sian and left a good impression, leading Sian to arrange to speak to Faith over getting a new work placement the following week.

Series Three

Faith left the Dumping Ground prior to series 3 to study at university, although she was allowed to return to Ashdene Ridge for respite care. This happened in the episode Better Than You where Faith came to stay at Ashdene Ridge for a couple of days. Whilst at university, Faith had been embarassed to tell her friends that she was in care and pretended that she lived with an actual family. This was discovered by Bailey after he overheard Faith talking to one of her friends, and blackmailed her into being his lookout whilst he tampered with a record that showed how often he had done his chores. This failed when they were spotted by Jody, who revealed what happened to Mike and May-Li. Threatened with no longer being able to stay at Ashdene Ridge and annoyed with herself for lying to her friends, Faith went to return to her university, only to find Billie and Tyler pretending to be malnourished orphans as part of a tour the pair were putting on. Faith proceeded to tell off the pair, saying that while everyone in Ashdene Ridge were care kids, they were not freaks and were no different to anyone else. Realising what she had just said, Faith decided not to return home and stay for a bit longer at Ashdene Ridge.

Series Five

Faith never appeared in the 5th series, but in #SaveTheDG , Tee and Johnny  came back to help stop the next door neighbour, Mr Umbleby, closing down the DG to build luxary apartments. They set up a campaign for donations to help them save Ashdene Ridge . Tee mentioned that Faith had donated £50.