Family Values
Series 1, Episode 5
Air date 29 January 2010
Written by James Nicol and Jonathan Wolfman
Directed by Craig Lines
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Family Values was the fifth episode of Tracy Beaker Returns. It was orignally broadcast at 17:00 on the CBBC Channel on 29/01/2010.


When Lily and her sisters are fostered, Tracy suggests to Carmen that she play with someone else to stop feeling lonely. However, when no one plays with Carmen, she decides to get revenge.


A hot and sweaty Tracy arrives late at the DG, having missed her stop and not having enough credit on her bus pass. She sees that the Kettle sisters' foster parents (the Perrys) have arrived and Tracy goes up to Lily's room, where she finds Lily, her sisters and an upset Carmen.

After borrowing a shirt from Tee, Tracy takes the Kettle sisters and Carmen downstairs. The Perrys take the sisters, leaving the careworkers and Carmen to wave goodbye as they leave in the car.

Back inside the DG, the mood is sullen as the other DG kids are reminded that they are still in care and one of their friends has left. Having been a resident at the DG herself, however, Tracy is not bothered.

Gus rudely tells Tracy that she smells, to which she retorts that so would he if he had run three miles. After Tracy walks off, Mike tells Gus that he should find a more indirect method of telling someone. Gus then notices something wrong with Mike's shoes and scarpers off to fing an indirect method of telling him, including chucking a paper aeroplane with a picture drawn on it with a pair of shoes and one of them crossed out.

Tracy goes upstairs to Carmen and Lily's bedroom (or rather, just Carmen's bedroom) where she finds Carmen. Tracy tells Carmen that she cannot mope in her bedroom all day and encourages her to play with someone else.

Johnny learns from the care workers that only children stand more chance of being fostered than those with siblings. He tells Tee that they should get fostered separately, This angers Tee, who then starts pretending that she is not Tee Taylor.

Carmen finds that the other kids will not let her play with her (aside from Frank as he is visiting his grandfather). She does, however, help Harry, who is attempting to find Jeff, unaware that he is on a shelf above the kitchen table (having been hidden by Sapphire who stuck him there so Harry would not bother her). After retrieving Jeff, Harry goes to find Sapphire. Sapph, learning from Harry how he found Jeff, is not happy as the reason she hid Jeff was so that Harry would not bother her.

Annoyed that no one will play with her, Carmen takes a piece of chalk, goes into Johnny's room, stamps on the chalk, then empties the vacuum's container, leaving dust all over Johnny's room. Seeing this, Johnny blames Tee.

Later at lunch, Sapphire tells off Carmen for helping Harry find Jeff. Carmen snaps, blames Tracy and chucks water at Mike, then at Tracy. Tee then angrily tells Johnny that it was not her who vandalised his bedroom and chucks food at him, too. This kicks off a food fight, during which Gus dumps pickle onto one of Mike's shoes and then declare that "his shoes are in a pickle". It is then that Mike realises that Gus was trying to tell him he had done up his shoelaces differently on one shoe than the other, so (after getting cleaned up) he goes to reassure Gus that there is no one right method of tying shoelaces. Johnny later goes to apologise to Tee and gives her a photo of them, where they reconcile their differences.

Frank eventually comes home and shows Liam and Gina his grandfather's pocket watch, which he then tries to hynotise Gina with. Noticing this, Carmen gets an idea. Later that night, she steals various items including Sapphire's mobile, Frank's watch and Jeff.

The following morning, Tracy arrives at the DG, only to hear shouting. She arrives inside and (after Gina calls for silence) is told that Carmen has stolen belongings from each of the Dumping Ground kids, that she has barricaded herself in and refuses to listen to anyone. Tracy goes upstairs to reason with Carmen, while the other kids are told to go to the lounge while the adults deal with the situation.

Tracy knocks on Carmen's door, asking to be let in and apologising for not taking her feelings of being upset seriously, saying that she can phone Lily afterward. Carmen lets Tracy in.

Elsewhere, Liam hatches a plan to get everyones' belongings back. He fills some ballons with water then climbs up a ladder to chuck them into Carmen's bedroom and then take everyones' belongings. However, the plan goes pear shaped; Liam climbs up the ladder and sees that Tracy is already inside. It also does not help when the paper bag Liam is carrying the balloons in breaks, soaking Gina.

The children are all brought back inside the kitchen where Mike tells them they will be punished. This is quickly undermined when Tracy brings everyones' belongings back.

Now reunited with their belongings, the kids realise that the belongings Carmen stole are their precious things and that while they got their precious things back, Carmen will never have her previous things (Lily and her sisters) returned to her. The kids forgive her and allow her to join a card game they are playing in the lounge.

Later that day, Carmen gets to telelphone Lily and Tracy gives Cam a hug in aid of "not taking her for granted".


  • First appearances of Matt and Christie Perry.
  • This is the first time Frank's grandfather is mentioned. It is also the first time we see Frank's grandfather's watch, which is given to Frank by his grandad in this episode.


Main cast

Guest cast


  • This is the first time since the original series a food fight occurs and the only time one occurs in Tracy Beaker Returns. Later episodes feature food or drink being pelted at characters but they never escalate into full blown food fights.
  • Amy-Leigh Hickman (Carmen) later said in an interview that she was meant to throw water on only Dani (Tracy) as opposed to chucking it on Connor (Mike) in the first place.
  • First appearance of Vicky Hall and Chris Robson as Matt and Christie Perry.
  • First departure of Jessie Williams and Lily Kettle.
  • The scene when Lily doesn't let Matt and Christie hold Poppy and Rosie's hand forshadows events that occur in Sisters .
  • This is the first time someone steals Jeff from Harry.
  • This is the first time Carmen shows her mean side.

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