Birth Name: Finley "Finn." McLaine
Alias(es): Finn
Character type: Main
Gender: Male
Birth Date: 2004
Age: 11
Hair Colour: Fair brown
Eye Colour: Blue
Skin Colour: Light
Home: Ashdene Ridge, Adam's household, (formerly)
Occupation: Student
First Appearance: The Long Way Home
Portrayed by: Ruben Reuter.

Finn McLaine is a character in The Dumping Ground. Like his actor Ruben Reuter, he has Down Syndrome.


Background Finn was fostered by the Aycliffe family, which comprised of Adam (the father), his wife and their daughter, Clare. Finn did not adjust well to his new environment and cried everyday.

Adam, fed up with this, decided to get Finn a friend. To that end, he fostered Harry from Ashdene Ridge. However, both Finn and Harry were maltreated - they were made to stay in their rooms, forbidden from going downstairs, forbidden from eating meals with the rest of the family and Adam would shout at the boys if he became angry.

The Dumping Season Three Eventually, on the day of Harry's birthday, Finn managed to get hold of Harry's phone and sent a text message to Ryan (who had sent a text to wish Harry a Happy Birthday) for help.

Finn met Ryan when he arrived at the house to give Harry a birthday card the other residents of Ashdene Ridge had signed. Ryan left after being told by Adam that he was taking the boys out, but returned afterwards to lead Harry back to Ashdene Ridge, and ended up bringing Ryan with them after Harry refused to leave him behind.

On arriving at Ashdene Ridge, Finn and Harry revealed what had been going on to May-Li. As Adam was now deemed unfit to look after Finn, he was allowed to stay at Ashdene Ridge.