Floss The Foundling
Series 4, Episode X
Floss The Foundling
Air date 25/03/16
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Floss The Foundling, initially listed on the CBBC website as "A Special Dumping Ground Adventure", was a special crossover minisode between The Dumping Ground and Hetty Feather. It was first broadcast at 5:30pm on 25th March 2016 after the mid-season finale of the fourth season of The Dumping Ground and in-between the first and second seasons of Hetty Feather.


Shirking her chores, Floss falls asleep and finds herself in another CBBC TV series adapted from Jacqueline Wilson's books - Hetty Feather.


Floss overhears Tyler and the twins in Tyler's room. Inviting herself in, she finds the twins working on a painting. Floss offers to help, only to be told to do her chores by May-Li. Floss asks the others to help, but they refuse, so she storms off, but not before throwing water onto their painting, ruining it.

Downstairs, Floss plugs in the hoover but decides to take a nap instead. She wakes up and finds herself dressed in foundling uniform (similar to Carmen's uniform in A Day in the Past) with a young girl talking to her. Floss learns from the girl, named Hetty Feather, that she is in The Foundling Hospital. Floss tries to tell Hetty that she needs to call Mike, but Hetty misunderstands her, not knowing what a mobile phone is. Hetty then tries to get Floss to wash the floor, handing her a bucket of water. Floss takes the bucket, but not before removing her bonnet (which is akin to removing a part of your school uniform) and leaving it with Hetty.

Downstairs, Floss encounters Sheila and Elizabeth. Sheila kicks Floss's bucket, spilling water, and her friend taunts her that she will not be a good servant. Floss, however, stands up to the girls, saying that she wants to be Prime Minister, which the girls find incredulous on account that Floss is a girl. They are interrupted by the Hospital's Matron, prompting Sheila and her friend to scarper, but not before Sheila demands a toffee off Floss. Matron tells off Floss for kicking the bucket and demands to know where her bonnet is. Floss defies Matron, but gets threatened with being thrown in the cellar. Luckily, Hetty arrives in the nick of time, distracts Matron and allows Floss to escape.

The girls meet up in the courtyard where Hetty gives Floss her bonnet in the event Matron finds her. Floss asks Hetty why she is being so nice, given Floss's earlier behaviour, to which Hetty replies that friends are all everyone has in the Hospital and tells Floss to look after her friends, as they are her family. She then leads Floss away to a flight of steps, where Floss falls asleep.

Floss wakes to find herself back in Ashdene Ridge in her normal clothes, but somehow finds Hetty's bonnet on the sofa. She hides it behind a cushion and then heads upstairs.

Later, Floss shows Tyler and the twins a drawing she has done for the twins of Hetty in front of the Foundling Hospital. Floss tells the others that she went to the Foundling Hospital and that Hetty is her friend, but no one believes her.


  • This is the third time an episode takes place in someone's dream, the first time it has happened in The Dumping Ground, and the first time it has not happened to Tracy.
  • While it was first broadcast in-between The End of it All and Perfect Match, the special features the late season 4 version of the opening titles of The Dumping Ground, with Chloe and Joseph added and Harry removed.
  • We will see another of Floss' dreams in Choose Your Own Adventure


  • When Floss asks Hetty "Why are you in fancy dress", the subtitles read "Why am I in fancy dress" (emphasis mine).
  • As much of the episode takes place in a dream, any errors in the Foundling Hospital scenes can be excused on the grounds that dreams do not need to make sense:
    • There are a number of errors in the scene where Floss and Hetty are on the stairs whenever the camera changes angles:
      • Hetty and Floss go from sitting and looking at each other on the same level, to Hetty being a few steps lower than Floss and having to look up at her, and Floss having to look down at her.
      • The positions of Floss and Hetty's bodies, including, Floss's entire body facing Hetty in one shot and only her face with the rest of her body turned away, Hetty and Floss's bodies being at different angles and Hetty going from standing up straight to leaning down at Floss.
      • Hetty turns around to grab the bucket and jumps from turned around to already facing Floss. Also, Hetty looks as if she picked up the bucket from next to her in the second shot, as opposed to having to turn around to grab it.
      • The way Floss's bonnet looks on her head.
      • The positions of Floss's hair bows after she yanks off her bonnet.
    • Floss's left hair bow (our right) is in a different position in the scene when she meets the bullies from the position it was in when she was taking to Hetty (she may have smoothed it down between scenes).
  • It is perhaps odd Floss would paint Hetty wearing pigtails, given Hetty does not style her hair in that manner in the tv series. (Floss may have just fancied painting Hetty with pigtails.) This was probably a result of whoever did the drawing basing it off the cover of the Hetty Feather novel.
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