[Opening Titles]

[Exterior shot of Ashdene Ridge]

[Floss is walking down the upstairs corridor and overhears Tyler and the twins in Tyler's room.]

[Floss enters Tyler's room. Tyler is sitting on a chair and the twins are sitting on the floor. In front of them is a large sheet of paper.]

Floss: (goes to sit down) What are you doing?

Tyler: Erm, helping the girls with their painting.

Billie: (painting) It's of the Victorian times.

Toni: They wore funny dresses. (She starts painting)

Billie (off camera): And spoke proper.

Floss: I want to help.

[There are footsteps outside belonging to May-Li. She walks past Tyler's room then walks back to the entrance.]

May-Li: (pointing at Floss) Hey, not so fast. You're next on the rota.

Floss: But I'm sick. (She fakes coughs)

May-Li: You know the rules. Everyone has to pull their weight, come on. (She walks away)

Floss: You gonna help me or not?

Tyler: Tuh! No chance!

Billie: We did it yesterday.

Floss: I'll give you 50p.

Toni: I want to do this.

[Floss grabs a cup of red liquid (either a drink or a cup of water used to clean the brushes with) and sloshes it over the twins' picture.]

Toni and Billie: Floss!

Tyler: What did you do that for?

Floss: (getting up) Becuase, I hate all of you. (She walks out)

Toni: (sighs, then with Billie) Going to have to start again.

[Floss walks down the hallway and grabs the hoover.]

Tyler: (off camera) Well... (?)

[Living room. Floss plugs the hoover in, turns it on and leaves it outside. She walks over the sofa, puts a cushion on it, then lies down on the sofa and falls asleep. We crossfade into the next scene.]

[Corridor in the Foundling Hospital. There is the sound of horses neighing outside. Floss, now dressed in foundling uniform, similar to what Carmen wore in A Day in the Past, is sitting on the steps sleeping.]

Hetty: (to Floss, off camera) Wake up.

[Floss wakes up.]

Hetty: Wake up.

[Floss turns and sees a girl (Hetty) also sitting on the steps, talking to her. Hetty, like Tracy, is the title character of her series and is also rebellious toward authority figures, though with less comical behaviour and a more controlled temper.]

Hetty: If Matron catches you sleeping, you'll be in trouble.

Floss: (confused) Who are you?

Hetty: Hetty Feather.

Floss: (looks around) Where am I?

Hetty: You're in the Foundling Hospital.

[Note: The Foundling Hospital was a hospital where abandonned babies, known as Foundlings, were left. A Victorian version of The Dumping Ground, but with adults who did not care for whether the children were happy or not, and where the children are made to work most of the time instead of some of the time.]

Floss: Why are you in fancy dress?

Hetty: (briefly looks at her clothes) We all wear it. I wouldn't call it fancy.

Floss: It's horrible and scratchy. (She scratches herself)

Hetty: You'll get used to it. What's your borrowed name?

Floss: It's Floss. (She gets up) And I haven't borrowed it from anyone. (Walks down the stairs)

[Note: When babies were left at the hospital, they would be assigned new names. This is what Hetty is referring to.]

Hetty: (gets up as well) Where are you going?

Floss: (turns around to talk to Hetty) I have to call Mike.

Hetty: But the boys are in the other part of the hospital and we're not allowed to shout.

Floss: I meant on his mobile, dummy.

Hetty: What's a mobile?

Floss: You talk to people, play games, listen to music.

Hetty: Oh like hymns, you mean?

Floss: You're weird. (She turns and starts walking away)

Hetty: Well you can't just come and go as you please because there are strict rules around here. (Floss turns around to face Hetty again, then Hetty grabs a bucket of water.) So if I were you, I would start scrubbing this floor before Matron comes and inspects it. (She gives it to Floss)

Floss: You can't tell me what to do.

Hetty: I'm just trying to help you.

Floss: (removes her bonnet) Well I don't need your help! (She gives Hetty her cap and walks down the stairs, leaving a confused Hetty)

[Floss walks into another hallway. Two girls (Sheila and Elizabeth, bullies) walk up the stairs onto the same floor as Floss.]

Sheila: Look who it is. A new girl.

Elizabeth: She's got red hair. Just like Feather.

[The girls stop in front of Floss, blocking her way.]

Sheila: And red means trouble.

[Floss puts down the bucket and folds her arms.]

Floss: Who are you?

Sheila: I'm Sheila, and I'm in charge round here.

Floss: Says who?

Sheila: Says me! (She kicks Floss's bucket, then yells in Floss's face) Now look what you've done.

Elizabeth: You'd make a terrible servant.

Floss: I don't want to be a servant.

Sheila: (rolls eyes and sniffs) What do you want to be?

Floss: Prime Minister.

Sheila: (titters, finding Floss's statement incredulous)

Elizabeth: You're a girl.

Floss: So, girls can do anything.

Sheila: (laughs)

Floss: Fly planes. Invent stuff.

Sheila: And I want to go the moon. It's never going to happen.

Elizabeth: (laughs)

[A door is heard opening. Off camera, Matron exits the room the door led from enters the hall. Matron is in the charge of the Foundling Hospital and behaves similar to Dennis from Tracy Beaker Returns episodes The Burnywood Menace/Firestarter.]

Matron: If I cannot see my face in that floor, there will be trouble. (She shuts the door of the room she just came from.)

[Sheila and her friend start walking away. Sheila's friend runs off while Sheila stops to talk to Floss.]

Sheila: I want a toffee by the end of the day. Understood? (Shoves Floss with her arm and runs off).

Matron: (walks up to Floss) Look at all this water!

Floss: Wasn't my fault.

Matron: And where is your bonnet?

Floss: None of your business.

Matron: You insolent child. (Grabs Floss) Right, you're coming with me!

Floss: Get off! (She kicks Matron in the shin)

Matron: OW! (She comes down to Floss's level) Do you know what we do with wildcats? We put them straight into the tench, that's what we do!

[Note: The tench is a dark cellar of the Foundling Hospital where Matron sends children who misbehave.]

Hetty: (rushes up the stairs) I took her bonnet.

Matron: I might have known you'd have your hand in this, Feather.

Hetty: (to Floss) RUN! (Scarpers down the stairs)

[Floss scarpers]

Matron: (at Floss) You come back here! (Matron starts at Floss, but seeing Floss run off, Matron turns around, perhaps to pursue Hetty insteand, but then stops, frustrated)

[Courtyard. Floss exits out of one door and looks around. Hetty then exits out of another. They see each other and smile and Hetty runs up to Floss and removes her bonnet.]

Hetty: (giving her bonnet to Floss) Here, take this just in case Matron finds you.

Floss: Why are you being so nice to me?

Hetty: You're one of us and we look after each other.

Floss: But, I was horrible to you.

Hetty: Well, friends are the only things we've got in this place, and if I didn't have mine, I don't know what I'd do. What about you? You must have friends of your own.

Floss: Suppose.

[Matron has entered the courtyard and starts walking towards the girls.]

Matron: Feather!

[Hetty briefly looks at the Matron and turns back to look at Floss. She then takes Floss by the shoulder and walks Floss away with her.]

Hetty: Well, look after them, because they're the only family that you've got.

[The girls walk over to a set of steps leading to a cellar.]

Matron (off camera): You come back here!

[Hetty lets go of Floss and nudges her down the stairs. Floss walks down a few steps but then turns to talk to Hetty.]

Floss: What will happen to you?

Hetty: Nothing they haven't done 100 times before.

Floss: (smiling) Thank you.

Hetty: Friends forever.

[Floss smiles, and walks down some more steps. Hetty turns and goes to the nurse. Floss stops a few steps down, scrunches her eyes shut and leans against a wall. We crossfade into the next scene.]

[The lounge, back in Ashdene Ridge. The hoover is still running. Floss wakes up. Finding herself back in her own comfotable clothes, she tugs at her shirt collar. She then curiously finds Hetty's bonnet. She examines it for a bit then sticks it under one of the cushions. She then exits the lounge and walks up the stairs.]

[Upstairs hallway. Floss is carrying a painting. Smiling, she nods and lets herself into Tyler's room. Tyler and the twins are all on the floor. The twins are working on two different paintings while Tyler is watching.]

Billie: (stops painting, then speaks to Floss) What do you want?

Floss: (sits down) I drew this for you.

[Toni stops painting as well and everyone looks at Floss's paining. It is a red haired girl with pigtails dressed in the foundling uniform standing in front of the Foundling Hospital.]

Floss: I'm sorry I ruined your picture.

[Tyler picks up the picture and takes a closer look.]

Tyler: Wow, Floss. Did you copy this from a book?

Floss: I've been there.

Tyler: (sarcastic) Uh, yeah, course you have.

Toni: Who's the girl with the red hair?

Floss: Hetty Feather.

Billie: And who's she?

Floss: She's my friend.

[Floss smiles]

Tyler: Eh eh. (He shakes his head in disbelief)

[End titlecard.]