Get Lost
Series 2, Episode 22
Air date 17/09/2003
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Get Lost was the 22nd episode of the second season of The Story of Tracy Beaker.


Facing a boring day with his aunt and uncle, Ben invites Tracy for a day out.


  • First appearance of Ben's aunt and uncle, Jasper and Kate Batambuze.
  • Footage from this episode (of Duke darting over to the car after hearing Dolly screaming, opening the car boot and finding Dolly and footage of a kite flying) is later seen being played on televisions in a shop in the Tracy Beaker Returns episode Money.


  • It's not mentioned where Amber and Adele are in this episode.
  • It's unexplained how Tracy made her own way back to the Dumping Ground from the beach after she ran away from Ben's aunt and uncle.