Gina Conway
Gender: Female
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Brown
Skin Colour: Mixed-race, Jamaican
Family Hattie (Mother), Greg Conway (Husband), Tim Conway (Son), Tom Conway (Son).
Relationships: Greg Conway
Occupation: Elm Tree House Careworker (2009-2012)
Careworker at unknown place (2013-present)
Affiliations: Mike Milligan
Tracy Beaker
First Appearance: Tracy Beaker Superstar
Last Appearance: Scary Beasts
Portrayed by: Kay Purcell

Gina Conway is a character in Tracy Beaker Returns and The Dumping Ground. She is/was portrayed by Kay Purcell.

Gina Conway is also a Senior Care-Worker.

Gina has worked in care homes for a long time and knows how these places tick. She's stricter than Mike and sticks to the rules as much as possible. Gina can be scary but is kind and caring when it counts and the kids respect her for it. She and Tracy frequently come into conflict over things with both being as stubborn as each other but as the series progresses the get along much better.

Gina gets on with the kids quite well and cares for she is sometimes is kind to mostly to Elektra dealing with her spiteful anger, attitude and aggressive behaviour.

Gina no longer works at the Dumping Ground as of season 2 of The Dumping Ground. According to a tweet by Elly Brewer (then-head writer) Gina accepted a higher earning job elsewhere in order to pay for her mother Hattie, now being in care who has dementia.