Good Luck Boy
Series 1, Episode 9
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Air date 26/02/2010
Written by Emma Reeves
Directed by Michael Davies
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Good Luck Boy was the ninth episode of Tracy Beaker Returns. It was originally broadcast at 17:00 on the CBBC Channel on 26/02/2010.


Toby wins a free family holiday over the phone. Now all he has to do is pretend in front of the company representative that he and the other young people are a proper family, as opposed to residents in a care home.


One morning, the phone starts ringing in The Dumping Ground office, however none of the care workers can hear it because they are watching Tracy take her unsuccessful first driving lesson out on the driveway.

Toby hears the phone from upstairs, and considers picking up the phone. The phone goes to voicemail, and an automatic message of an American women's voice can be heard congratulating the residents of the house and saying that they have the chance to win a free family holiday to Florida. Toby, now interested, picks up the phone. The automatic message tells the receiver to confirm they are over eighteen, to which Toby responds "um, well...". Johnny overhears the phone call from outside the office and goes inside to ask Toby what he's doing. The message then tells the two that to win the holiday, they have to correctly answer some questions about Florida, and they correctly answer the first question.

Meanwhile outside, Tracy is trying to reverse park. However, she accidentally pushes down on the accelerator too hard and almost runs over Gina, Mike, Liam and Frank, who have come to witness - and laugh at - her attempts. On another attempt, Tracy accidentally hits and knocks down the "Elmtree House" sign.

Frank and Liam return inside, where they are greeted by an excited Johnny, who quickly tells them that Toby is going to win a holiday to Florida. When they get to the office, Toby is correctly answering the second question. Just as the third question is being asked, the four hear Mike and Gina returning to the office. They run and hide in the toy cupboard, but Gina and Mike notice that the phone is gone. The boys correctly answer the third question, and they celebrate in winning the holiday. Toby believes that his luck "has finally changed".

Gina and Mike blame Tracy for the missing phone, as they believe she was the last to have it. Elsewhere, Toby tells his details to the holiday adviser on the other end of the phone. The boys lie about being a family in order to win the holiday, and allow the company's local representative, Terrie, to come by the house to sort out the details of the holiday.

Upstairs, Carmen and Lily are playing on a dance mat. Lily is feeling depressed, due to her sisters' absence, and Carmen attempts to cheer her up with the dance mat. Carmen offers to get Mike and Gina so Lily can talk to them, but Lily blames them for separating her from her sisters.

Toby returns to the office, and apologises for picking up the phone. He then lies and says that his uncle, Andrew, was calling him, and that he wants to come around today. Although Mike and Gina are stunned at the suddenness of the visit, Mike happily accepts, as neither of the care workers have met him, and allows Toby and 'his uncle' all the space they need.

Toby, Frank, Liam and Johnny all devise a plan. Liam believes that the group are heroes for winning a holiday, however Johnny believes that they are fraudsters for lying and saying that they were all related. They decide that if they get everyone in the house a ticket to Florida, then they would all be able to go, even if they did lie. Frank sees Terrie's car pulling up outside, and the foursome go ahead with their plan. Johnny heads towards the kitchen, while Frank runs upstairs, and Liam and Toby run outside to meet Terrie, followed by Mike.

Once they're outside, Terrie reveals herself to be a female, and not as a male as the boys originally thought. Toby pretends she is his "Auntie Sandra" instead, and makes a scene of hugging her. Terrie believes that Mike is the father of Toby and Liam, and greets him. However, the two are interrupted by loud music coming from Sapphire's bedroom, where Frank is hiding. Mike is distracted and goes to turn off the music, while Terrie is lead inside. She is greeted by Gina, but Liam rings the office phone using his mobile to distract her, and Toby leads Terrie to the kitchen, where Johnny is mopping the floor. Terrie believed that Elmtree House was still a care home, and Toby tells her that his family have been living in the house for years.

In the office, Gina receives a call from an unknown person, which she soon realises is a prank distraction call from Liam. In the kitchen, Toby confirms that Mike is his father, Gina is his step-mother, Frank is his half-brother, and Liam is his brother. Terrie is surprised at learning that the 'family' consists of thirteen people, but states that it's "absolutely perfect'. Gina starts to head towards the kitchen in search of Liam, but Frank sends her upstairs to look for him.

Lily is still feeling depressed, and Carmen leaves her alone, not allowing Gina or Mike to see her because she promised Lily that she wasn't going to tell the adults why she was upset. Meanwhile, Terrie sets the family up on the customer database, saved onto a memory stick. Mike starts to head towards the kitchen, pushing past Frank and Johnny, but slipping on the mopped floor and injuring his back. Johnny calls him 'Dad' which Mike thinks is by accident, but is really just a show for Terrie. As Mike is helped to the office by Gina, he tells her what Johnny called him, which Gina thinks is sweet.

Carmen finds Harry and bribes him with sweets to keep help cheer up Lily. Downstairs, Terrie hands Liam a form, which is to be filled in by an adult. Sapphire enters the kitchen from outside, and the boys disagree on what relation she is to them, eventually deciding on an unrelating house-mate, to which Sapphire agrees, not understanding the context of the situation. However, Terrie susses out that the 'family' are all care kids, but shows sympathy for the children, and allows the holiday to go through anyway.

The boys fill out the form meant for Mike or Gina in the living room, but find that they can't answer many of the questions. They enlist the help of Gus, who agrees to secretly fill out the form, and knows information such as Mike's date of birth, and his credit card number. Terrie grows impatient while the boys are filling out the form and explores the house, coming across the boys with the form. She smiles to herself and returns to the kitchen.

Carmen takes Harry to Lily, and asks Lily to tell him one of her stories, but she pretends she can't remember any. Harry then asks for the sweets, and Lily realises Carmen bribed him to come and see her. Lily is angry that Carmen is trying to make her feel better, but Carmen is determined to cheer up Lily.

Terrie finishes the booking, and warns the boys that the reservation cannot be changed nor cancelled. The boys celebrate, and Terrie gives them the receipt and leaves. However, Toby reads the receipt and realise that they've been charged £5,363 on Mike's credit card, and they stop Terrie's car from leaving. She says that the villa that they booked was free, but the flights were not. She refuses to cancel the holiday, and drives away, leaving the boys in dread.

Carmen seek advice in Tee about how to make Lily feel better, and Tee comes up with an idea. In the hall, the boys wonder how Terrie managed to access Mike's credit card, and realise that Gus wrote it on the form. Liam decides to phone Tracy, reasoning that "she knows all about credit card fraud" (due to Tracy being arrested in Tracy Beaker Superstar). However, Tracy doesn't answer her phone because she is trying to drive. Toby feels determined to get the money back from Terrie and to save the boys from trouble.

The boys walk into town and go to the office where Terrie works. She refuses them entry, but Toby encourages the others to try another way of getting into the office. Back at The Dumping Ground, Carmen and Tee get Mike's permission to buy Lily a hamster, called Mr Hamster, to cheer her up and keep her company. Lily is initially doubtful, however seems happier when Mr Hamster wees on Carmen. In the kitchen, Mike asks Sapphire if she's seen Toby or his 'aunt', to which she responds with no. She sees the receipt on the dining table and walks out, before asking Gus what the receipt is.

At Terrie's office, the boys set off the alarm on her car to get her attention and for her to come downstairs. Terrie goes outside to tell off Johnny and Liam, while Toby and Frank enter the door after her. Terrie threatens to call the police on the two is they damage her car, and Toby and Frank search through her desk drawers and computer. She discovers the boys on her computer and chases them out, but Toby takes the memory stick containing the customer database along with him. The two boys run outside, but can't find Liam and Johnny. However, Tracy brakes outside the offices, and they jump into her car, followed by Johnny and Liam a couple of meters ahead. Cam who is Tracy's driving instructor, explains that Sapphire called Tracy and explained the situation.

Back at The Dumping Ground, the four boys and Gus are in trouble when Mike is presented with the receipt by Sapphire. Gus is blamed for knowing Mike's credit card details. They are interrupted when Terrie calls to the house, and is let in by Sapphire, where Terrie confronts them about the missing memory stick. Toby proposes an exchange - Terrie must give Mike's money back in exchange for the memory stick. A heated discussion ensures, where Terrie tells Tracy and Mike that the children said they were over eighteen during the phone call. Toby then takes the adults to the office, where he replays the phone conversations, and showing that he didn't answer the question. Terrie denies being held responsible, however Tracy threatens to go to the police with the memory stick, which is likely to contain other dodgy holiday sales. Terrie finally agrees to cancel the transaction, and does so on the office computer.

Once Terrie has left, Mike tells off the kids. He tells Gus that he's changed his credit card, and warns the other kids from leaving the house without permission or answering the phone. Mike then forgives the boys, but tells Johnny that what hurt the most from the experience was that he thought that Johnny had meant it when he called Mike "dad". Mike accepts that the kids meant well and were the victims, which Tracy backs up.

That night, Lily and Carmen can't sleep due to the squeaking of Mr Hamster's wheel. They decide to give him to Toby instead, who needs cheering up due to the holiday scam. Toby ends the episode realising that it was his lucky day after all.


  • First time Tracy is seen driving (and when we next see her, she is a lot more competent at it).
  • Tracy-Ann Oberman (Terrie Fender) is the third actor who previously had a role in Doctor Who before getting a role in the Tracy Beaker franchise.
    • Tracy-Ann Oberman and John Bell (Toby) have both acted alongside David Tennant (the 10th Doctor), but in separate episodes.
  • First appearance of Mr. Hamster.
  • Lucky You by the The Lightning Seeds is heard after Toby wins the holiday and the cartoon animation of the boys on the beach is played.
  • The song Frank plays from Sapphire's bedroom is Bonkers by Dizee Rascal and Armand van Helden.
  • Gus can be heard playing The Funeral March by Frédéric Chopin on the piano while the boys are wondering how to tell Mike he has been charged thousands of pounds on his credit card.
  • The title of this episode calls back to the title of an earlier episode, Bad Luck Boy, wherein which Toby was unlucky; in this episode it is shown that he can be lucky.


  • At the start when Tracy is trying to reverse the car, Cam tells Tracy to look over her left shoulder, but she looks over her right one.
    • Tracy may have been ignoring Cam and doing the opposite of what she said.
  • There are a few of instances of lines not appearing in subtitles:
    • When Toby is trying to work out what opens keys in Florida, Johnny suggestion of "doorknobs" does not appear on the subtitles.
    • Liam telling the others "Go, go go..." when they hear Mike and Gina coming.
    • Toby saying "Close it, close it" when the boys take the phone call in the toy cupboard.
    • Johnny suggesting "squirrels" as an answer to the final question on the phone.
    • Frank saying "Sapphire?" after Cam tells Frank and Toby how they knew to pick them up from Terrie's office.
    • Toby saying "What?" after being disturbed by Carmen and Lily.
  • When the boys are in the office trying to win a holiday, when Mike or Gina shut the door (off camera), the subtitles read "DOOR OPENS".
  • On the Sun Screen Holidays adult-signed form, it says "Mike Calloway" instead of "Mike Milligan".
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