Gus Carmicheal

Gus Carmichael is a character from Tracy Beaker Returns and The Dumping Ground. It is heavily implied, but never outright stated, that Gus is on the Autistic Spectrum. This makes him anxious to keep tidy, keep to a strict schedule and causes him to take things metaphors literally. He is also known to ask frequent questions when he does not understand, which can cause frustration for both the other children and the staff.



Tracy Beaker Returns:

Season One

When Tracy first starts her job at the Dumping Ground, Gus attempts to give a Tracy a tour of the building (as he does with all newcomers), but this is repeatedly delayed due to Tracy continuously being late. Gus eventually does manage to show Tracy around, only for Tracy to repeatedly talk, which Gus feels is against his rules for the tour. She also writes in Gus' notebook, which upsets Gus greatly.

We later learn that Gus has made a list of all of everything Tracy has done wrong on her first day as staff. Liam suggests that Gus instead keep a list of everything Tracy has done right, which he eventually reads to Mike, convincing him to keep Tracy.

Gus likes keeping notebooks of his achievements, events that have taken place in the Dumping Ground and various lists (such as Mike's excuses for his "silent but deadlies"). In the episode Secrets, Liam and Frank discover Gus's notebooks and find Gus has written about them doing the bin dive. The books are confiscated by Mike and Gina, who too find that Gus has written incriminating things about them, leading to all four characters disposing of the pages from Gus' notebooks. Gus, however, finds out that pages have gone missing and reveals their contents at breakfast, telling everyone that if they are wanting to read his notebooks, they should ask first.

Gus also enjoys playing the piano and has a set time during which he practices daily. He does not like to be interrupted during practice. In the episode Sisters, Gus gets an audition for an orchestra for his piano playing.

Season Two

In Season 2, Gus gets himself a date with a girl from his orchestra group called Jenny. He asks Dumping Ground kids and staff for advice and his date goes well. The day after the date, Jenny learns that some of the children have gone to entertain the elderly at a care home. This leads to Jenny and Gus entertaining the elderly on the flute and piano, respectively.

Series Three

In Series 3, episode 2 Gus, with Tracy Beaker and Rick Barber discovers that Lizanne started the Burnywood fire and that Denis Stockle started the attic fire.

It is known that Gus eats only quiche on Fridays, and macaroni pasta on Tuesdays.

The Dumping Ground

Series One

In the feature length series opener 'Freedom'. Gus has an autistic meltdown due to sensory overload when all of the other children are fighting. He pulls the pin from a grenade and it is thrown into the cellar to avoid hurting anyone but the grenade does not explode so nobody is injured.

Later in the series, Gus is adopted by a gay couple (Ronnie and Dawn) and leaves the dumping ground. This causes some of the other children in the Dumping Ground to fight due to some homophobia from Johnny Taylor and Lily Kettle.


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