Harry Jones
Birth Name: Harry Jones
Gender: Male
Birth Date: 23 January 2003
Age: 12
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Blue
Skin Colour: Light
Home: Elm Tree House (formerly)
Ashdene Ridge
Adam's Household (formerly)
Occupation: Student
First Appearance: Tracy Beaker Superstar
Last Appearance: One For Sorrow
Portrayed by: Philip Graham Scott

Harry Jones is a character from Tracy Beaker Returns and The Dumping Ground. He is portrayed by Philip Graham Scott.



Prior to living at The Dumping Ground, Harry lived with his mother. His parents abused him and neglected him and he was placed in care during 2009.[1]

Tracy Beaker Returns

Season One

Harry did not talk very much during season 1 of Tracy Beaker Returns. He was often (if not always) seen with his stuffed toy giraffe, named Jeff, whom he believed could talk. He often hung around with Sapphire, with whom he liked playing games with, including "Hide and Seek". Sapphire, however, would sometimes do things to keep Harry busy to avoid playing with him, such as in the episode Family Values when she hid Jeff on a shelf in the kitchen.

On a number of occasions, Harry would claim that Jeff was feeling upset or scared (when really it was Harry who was feeling this), such as when Harry hid under Sapphire's bed upset that she hated Tracy for leaving.

Season Two

Harry participated in the protest to keep Elm Tree House open when it was threatened with closure. The protest failed and Harry was taken into temporary foster care.

According to CBBC's website, Harry was taken to Burnywood with Sapphire and Carmen. But in the episode Drained, although Harry did return at the same time as Sapph and Carmen, neither of them made any comment about him being at Burnywood.

After being returned to Elm Tree House, Johnny and Tee invited Harry to take part in their plan to make Mike look good to prevent him from being sacked. Harry happily agreed to this, but fell out with the idea on account that it involved him getting stuck down a smelly drain. In an attempt to make him go down, Johnny tossed Jeff down the hole, which only succeeded in Harry running away to get help. In the end, Mike had to rescue both Jeff and Johnny (who had gone down the hole to rescue Jeff, but had ended up getting stuck as well).

Harry had no trouble expressing his displeasure to Leanne Spinks, the woman who had informed the care kids Mike was to be suspended. On one occasion, Harry tossed a tomato at Leanne, which ended up hitting Mike after she ducked.

Some time afterward, a group of crooks dumped a bag of money at Elm Tree House. Harry spied on Johnny and Tee discussing what they would be doing with the money, as well as Johnny hiding it in one of the laundry bags. Harry then took the money and then asked Sapphire if she would like to play hide and seek with him and showed some of the money, saying that he would pay her. Harry (or rather Johnny)'s money was later collected and piled with the money Carmen had been hiding (which Lily and Sapph had discovered), with Sapphire said would be split based on their ages between herself, Harry, Johnny, Carmen and Lily. In the end, the money had to be returned.

When Elektra came to Elm Tree House, Harry spied on her congratulating the other children for the misdeeds they pulled on the members of staff during the day. Elektra saw Harry spying on her and made sure Harry kept quiet by cutting off one of Jeff's legs and then treatening to cut off Jeff's head. This led to Harry feeling poorly the following morning.

Afterward, the Dumping Ground kids were taken on a trip to the countryside, where Harry hoped he (and Jeff) would be able to see a real giraffe. The kids were split into two teams and Harry ended up in a team with Elektra, which Elektra was not happy about as Harry would slow the team down. Later, whilst on an expedition, Elektra sabotaged Tracy's map, which led to Elektra getting into an argument with her and the group separating. Harry stayed with Tracy, but ended up getting separated from her after Jeff fell out of Tracy's backpack and Harry stopped to pick him up. He was eventually found by Elektra, who saved Harry (and Jeff) from being bitten by a poisonous snake.

Season Three

Harry acquired some joss sticks that had belonged to Sapphire when she moved out of the DG. He would burn them in the attic (which he had turned into his den) and said that they smelt like Sapphire. This unfortunately led to him being prime suspect after the attic caught fire. It was later discovered Dennis (the care worker from Burnywood) had been smoking in the attic and had not properly extinguished his cigarette. Thus Harry was off the hook.

While Sapphire had moved out, she still came to the Dumping Ground to visit Harry (and the other kids), and likewise, Harry was allowed to visit Sapphire, supervised by Tracy. On one such visit, Sapphire told Harry that he had to get used to her not living at the Dumping Ground, after which Carmen (who had come with Tracy on that visit) told Harry she could be his mum instead. This fell apart after Harry got annoyed with Carmen disciplining him, as well as Carmen getting bored. Harry ran away and attempted to find Sapphire, only to get lost. Sapph eventually found Harry in a park. After being brought back to the DG, Harry was told why he had been taken into care, as well as being told that while he did not have a mum, he had other people looking out for him at the DG and that added up to one big mum.

Harry also kept in touch with Sapphire via the office phone (presumably unknown to the staff members). On one occasion, it was to ring Sapphire to tell her the chaos that had happened at the DG when the Burnywood kids had moved in. On another occasion, it was to invite her to lunch with Justine Littlewood.

After the summer holidays, Sapphire moved back in to the Dumping Ground, which made Harry happy. However, Sapphire was not happy to be back at the DG, so Harry tried to cheer Sapph up by using her paints to replicate the pattern on the wallpaper in her old bedroom. This had the opposite effect as Harry had used Sapphire's very expensive paints.

When Mike learnt he was to be awarded an MBE, the Dumping Ground kids voted for who would go to Buckingham Palace with Mike as he was only allowed three guests. Harry was going to vote for Sapphire, only to be manipulated by Elektra into voting her her instead. After everyone discovered the vote rigging that had occured, the kids instead had a discussion as to who should go to Buckingham Palace and decided Harry should be one of the people to accompany Mike.

The Dumping Ground

Season One

On the day Mike left for a holiday, Johnny dug up a box which turned out to be filled with unexploded World War One grenades. Out of curiosity, Harry picked up a grenade, pulled out the pin (unaware as to its purpose) and asked what it did. He soon found out when Faith had to toss the grenade out the door where it exploded in the back garden.

Later that day, when the relief care worker arrived, Harry accidentally kicked a ball at the relief care worker's face and was consequently sent to his room. This was repealed after the relief care worker was sent away. Harry later asked if Faith would play "Spies" with him. Faith declined as she was about to go on a run, so Harry asked instead if she would take him to see Sapphire, only to be reminded that she now lived "too far away". Faith instead suggested Harry play spies with Tyler and Jody, who declined after Faith tricked them into thinking they were suffering from an illness called "Anti-Hypoglaecymaeia" and had taken their sweets. Instead, Harry became an accomplice in Tyler and Jody's plan to cover Faith in henna by placing a bowl of it above her door.

To play "Spies", Harry had acquired a cardboard periscope (at some point prior to the episode) which could see round corners. Tyler used this periscope to spy on the girls whilst pulling the prank on Faith and it later became useful after Gus set off another grenade which did not explode and ended up in the cellar. Not wanting to risk anyone going down to the cellar (and being blown up), Harry's periscope was used to see what had happened to the grenade.

When Floss came to live at Elm Tree House, Harry was the first care kid to greet her. Harry tried to shake hands with Floss, but instead got a high five from her (not knowing Harry wanted to shake hands). Harry then took Floss for a "Gus Tour" around the house, which included showing his room. Whilst in Harry's room, Floss saw Jeff, picked him up and held on to him. Harry was not happy about this, but allowed Floss to hang on to him for the duration of the tour. Unfortunately, whilst the tour progressed, Harry scared Floss with scary things that had happened in the DG, including Tee falling out of the tree and the rumour that Faith was a drug runner, prompting Floss to run off scared. Floss was found by Faith and eventually showed up before Harry had to admit to Mike that he had scared Floss and lost her. Floss, Harry and Mike then painted Floss's room to a jungle theme, which she then told Harry was for Jeff, going on to say that she would tell that Harry had scared her if Harry did not let her keep Jeff.

On the trip to Hidden Hall, the Dumping Ground residents spent the day role playing as various people who had lived in the Hall during Edwardian times. Harry role played the Earl of Hidden's son and was due to be "married" to an upper class Edwardian lady. This involved learning a dance called "The Grizzly Bear". Harry had difficulty learning the dance moves, much to Johnny (who was role playing the Earl of Hidden)'s ire, leading to Harry being shouted at. This made Harry upset who told Johnny that what they were doing was "not fun anymore". This led to Johnny summoning Carmen (role playing a maid) who was then made to balance on one leg, which Harry found funny, and then to rub her tummy and pat her head at the same time, which he did not find funny. Harry later mentioned this to Tee during the formal dance, leading to the girls becoming annoyed to Johnny when he refused to apologise and went on to mock Lily's dad.

When Esme visited the Dumping Ground, she was commented on as being a "posh princess". This led to Harry asking if Esme lived in a castle. On learning that she did not, he asked if he lived near a castle. This led to Esme asking why Harry was asking such questions, where she learnt she had been called a "posh princess".

When a "magic" egg that Mo had purchased hatched, both he and Floss believed that a magic bird had hatched from it. Harry rubbished the idea, telling Floss that there was no such thing as magic. Later, when Johnny and Elektra found out what had hatched from Mo's egg (a snake) Floss said to Harry that there was such a thing as magic. Harry, however, did not believe Floss.

Season Two

Despite not having got on with Floss initially, Harry had become friends with her by the time Bailey moved into the Dumping Ground, and the two would often play together, such as coming up with a plan to take Tyler's sweets from the office.

When Faith returned from hospital, Harry (with Floss) came to see how she was doing. Faith recruited the pair into helping her tidy her bedroom, which she claimed was a game. During the "game", Faith rudely asked Harry if he knew his alphabet after he sorted his CDs in the wrong order. Harry "lost" the "game" to Floss after Faith declared her the "winner". The following day, Harry was watching tv with Floss and Mo (with whom he had become friends with as well) when Faith rudely ordered them out.

Weeks later, when Frank had gone missing, Harry did not join the others looking for him. Instead, he and Floss were looking for Mo, who had hidden in the garden, fearing a visit to the dentist. Harry and Floss coaved Mo out of hiding, only for a bird to poo on Mo. Harry tried to cheer up Mo telling him that bird poo was lucky and that it was something Sapphire had once told him. Mo, was indeed cheered up a moment later on discovering a pound coin and then learning from May-Li that the dentist was ill so his appointment had been cancelled.

Later that day, all three of the kids waited in the garden for birds to poo on them, thinking they would bring luck and lead to Frank being found. However, after Mo kept scaring them off, Floss came up with a plan: Mo and Harry were to untie a washing line while Floss went to take bread from the kitchen while May-Li was re-tying the washing line. After May-Li discovered what had happened with the bread, all three children were made to tidy up the garden and help May-Li with the laundry.

In Holding On, after Mo's locusts were accidentally let out of their box, Harry helped Mo and Floss round up the locusts from around Ashdene Ridge. Later that day, Harry acted as one of Mo's assistants in his show.

By this point, Harry had gained an interest in wrestling. In GI Johnny, Harry wanted to attend a wrestling match, but on showing May-Li the pamphlet, he was told that he could not go as he did not have enough money. He later tried to ask Mike if he could go, only to learn from Mike that May-Li had already said no to him. Afterward, Mo suggested to Harry that he hold a wrestling tournament in the house, which Harry agreed to. The following day, Harry showed up in the living room in a costume, followed not long after by Floss, also in a costume, who was to be Harry's opponent - or so everyone thought. Harry and Floss pummeled May-Li (who was supposed to be the referee) to the ground as revenge for her not letting Harry go to the wrestling match.

In Face The Music, Harry took part in the plan to get Faith work experience by delivering an invitation to lunch to Sian da Silva, with whom Mike had a crush on. He ended up being accompanied by Floss after she threatened to tell the care workers what was happening. Later, when Sian accepted the invitation, Harry and Floss had the job of accompanying Sian to and from lunch.

Later when Frank moved out of the Dumping Ground, he gave Harry a fishing tackle as a present.

Series Three

On the day of the Dumping Ground's open day, Harry was skeptical that he would be fostered by any of the visiting families. However, Jody introduced him to a family named the Gordons, of whom the parents were into wrestling, like Harry. Harry grew on the parents and the following day, the family took him to a wrestling match. However, this was scuppered after it was discovered Maude, who would have been Harry's foster sister, had stolen the purses and money at the open day.

Despite this setback, Harry was soon intoduced to another foster family and by the time of It's Not About the Money, Harry was to move in with them. On the day of his leaving party, Harry attempted to get Jeff back from Floss. He ended up receiving Jeff in two pieces - his head having been decapitated by Floss, who was not happy about Harry leaving.

After this, Harry went shopping with Mike and purchased numerous water pistols for the Dumping Ground residents as well as a replacement Jeff. Harry was thrown a leaving party by the DG residents and left with his new foster dad, Adam.

In the episode The Long Way Home , it is revealed that Harry and his foster brother Finn were being mistreated by their foster family. Adam frequently shouted at them and did not like them associating with his wife and daughter, even forcing them to eat in a seperate room. Harry tried to call Ashdene Ridge and had his phone taken off him. Ryan eventually rescued Harry and Finn, (after recieving a secret help text) taking them back to Ashdene Ridge. Adam guessed where they had gone and he went there too. He tried to take Harry and Finn back, but Harry, realising this was his only chance, clinged onto Mike and asked him to not send them back. Mike talked to Adam, and Adam admits he lost his job so fostered Harry and Finn for the sole purpose of money. Mike was not impressed and told him that Harry and Finn would be staying at Ashdene Ridge. Harry was ecstatic.

Since then, Harry has been living at The Dumping Ground.


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