Harry Jones
character image
Birth Name: Harry Jones
Gender: Male
Birth Date: 23 January 2003
Age: 12
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Blue
Skin Colour: Light
Home: Elm Tree House (formerly)
Ashdene Ridge (formerly)
Adam's Household (formerly)
Lou and Ange's House (formerly)
Occupation: Student (formerly)
First Appearance: Tracy Beaker Superstar
Last Appearance: One For Sorrow
Portrayed by: Philip Graham Scott
Harry Jones (born 23 January 2003) is a fictional character from Tracy Beaker Returns and The Dumping Ground. He recently was a care child, who got dumped in Elm Tree House (Ashdene Ridge as of 2014), after his mother neglected and abused him. When Harry had finally arrived at Elm Tree House, he tried to keep in contact with his mother and father, but head Care-worker Mike Milligan, had thought it was a bad idea and suggested, Harry was to stop finding his family, to protect himself from more abusements. During the years, he has befriended other residents, including Harry ex-friend, Chloe's brother, his brother, his best friends, her former social workers and many more. His dream was to get fostered, and did by the Gordons in Series 3 of DG, but it unfortunately didn't go well. As of the episode, he is currently living with his new foster parents, Lou and Ange.


  • He was 12 years old when he departed Ashdene Ridge, in Series 4.