Harry Jones (born 23 January 2006) was a character introduced in Tracy Beaker Returns . He also starred in the spin off, The Dumping Ground for four series.

Harry is quite a quiet child, who keeps himself to himself. He used to always carry around his toy giraffe, Jeff , and thought he could talk. Whenever Harry felt something or wanted to do something, he used to say "Jeff wants to play.", "Jeff like this.", "Jeff's really excited.". Harry grew attached to older resident Sapphire Fox during Tracy Beaker Returns, and found it hard to adjust to life without her in the DG when she left to live on her own. Harry started to come out of his shell a little more in The Dumping Ground, and become close friends with Ryan Reeves , Finn McLaine , Floss Guppy and Billie and Toni Trent . Harry was eventually adopted by a couple with Dwarfism called Lou and Ange. Harry did make a brief guest appearance in One For Sorrow, to see Tee and Carmen off on their last day.


Before living in care, Harry used to live with his mum. She wasn't a very good mother to Harry, and would often neglect him or abuse him, Harry was eventually taken into care, and was placed in Elm Tree House .

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  • Harry and Sapphire
  • Harry and Carmen
  • Harry and Mike
  • Harry and Floss
  • Harry and Ryan
  • Harry and Finn

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