Hayley Sparks [1]is a quiet girl who is best friends with Layla. She gets fostered in Series 4. She is always seen holding her teddy, Teddy. Hayley is quiet, sweet and an adorable girl. But she does get annoyed when people ignore her.


Throughout The Story of Tracy Beaker

Series 3

Tracy Beaker: The Movie of Me

Series 4

Tracy Beaker Parties With Pudsey

Despite not living at Cliffside anymore, Hayley was there during Tracy Beaker Parties With Pudsey. This was her last proper appearance in the Tracy Beaker franchise. Any scenes when Hayley was holding her teddy bear, Teddy. She instead could be seen holding a teddy bear of Pudsey Bear.

Series 5

While she never appeared in the final series, Hayley's animated character was used again in various animation sequences throughout the series. Hayley's animated character was used inn an animation sequence in the episodes "Free Piggy" and "Telling Tales".



Mark and Helen

Tracy Beaker

Bouncer Plakova

Justine Littlewood

Marco Maloney



  • Hayley is usually always seen carrying her beloved teddy bear, Teddy. Similar to how Harry Jones used to always be seen with his beloved toy giraffe, Jeff. One big difference being that Hayley didn't think Teddy could talk, unlike Harry did with Jeff.