Helen Howle
Birth Name: Helen Howle
Gender: Female
Birth Date: 8 July 1974
Age: 37 (as of TBR S1)
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Skin Colour: White
First Appearance: Viva Carmen
Last Appearance: Viva Carmen (in person)
Party Games (photographs)
Portrayed by: Fiona Wade (Tracy Beaker Returns)
Unknown actress (The Dumping Ground)

Helen Howle is Carmen's mother.



Helen lived with her daughter Carmen. She eventually met a man named Lee, with whom she started dating. Lee, however, did not like Carmen, or children in general. One day, Carmen and Lee went on holiday, but left Carmen home alone. This led to Carmen being taken to Elm Tree House.

Tracy Beaker Returns

Season One

Some time after this, Helen broke up with Lee, much to Lee's disappointment. She decided to attempt to see Carmen again, applied for visiting rights and attempted to see Carmen in the episode Viva Carmen. She was allowed into the house by Tracy, only to be told by Mike that her visiting rights had yet to be approved. On top of this, Carmen was not happy to see her mother, annoyed that she had been abandonned for her mum's boyfriend. Despite this, Helen left a toy of a flamenco girl and still wanted to go ahead with an outing with her daughter (which was to be supervised by Tracy). Carmen agreed to this, much to Helen's delight.

Helen and Carmen both enjoyed the shopping trip, where Carmen was especially pleased to learn that her mother had broken up with Lee. It was then that Helen had the idea to take Carmen with her back to Spain.

Carmen agreed to this and they planned to leave the following morning. However, Lee rang Helen on her mobile, which led to Helen answering the phone with the intent of telling him it was over. Instead, Helen ended up becoming Lee's girlfriend again and would not be taking Carmen with her to Spain immediately, but only when they settled in, much to Carmen's chagrin. Helen was then told to "adios" by Tracy, saying that she did not care for Carmen in reality, but only wanted Carmen back for her own interest as opposed to Carmen's welfare.

Season Two

Despite the exit Helen had made at Elm Tree House, she still sent a birthday card to Carmen the following year, as seen in the episode Elektra. She intended to fly out to England to see Carmen for her birthday, only to mess up the flight booking and would therefore not arrive in time. Instead, she sent Carmen a smartphone to make up for this, as seen in Come Alone Carmen.

The Dumping Ground

At some unkonwn point, Helen broke up with Lee and met another man who had two daughters. She married said man prior to Party Games. She did not inform nor invite Carmen to the wedding, much to Carmen's disgust.

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