character image
Birth Name: Jonah Kettle
Gender: Male
Birth Date: 2013
Age: 0 (as of TDG S1)
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Skin Colour: Brown
Home: His dad's flat (former)
His Auntie's Cafe
First Appearance: Baby
Last Appearance: Baby
Oh, Mo! (picture)

Jonah Kettle is the son of Steve Kettle and Shannay and he is the half brother to Lily, Poppy and Rosie Kettle.


The Dumping Ground

Series One

When Lily argues with Shannay and Steve, where she tells them to put the baby into care, Shannay goes into early labour, and Lily fears the worst and starts to worry, she thinks if anything happens to the baby, it will be down to her.

Tee and Carmen are making a memory box for the new baby. Lily receives a picture of her new baby brother, Jonah, in the middle of the night Carmen urges her to make up with her dad and Shannay.

When Shannay goes home, Steve tells her Shannay has gone and taken Jonah. Lily meets Shannay in the park and tries to get her to come home, but Shannay feels that she is ruining Lily and Steve's relationship. Shanny comes back to the flat, initially to collect the rest of her things, but Lily doesn't want to be seperated from Jonah, like she was with her sisters. Lily gives Shannay a memory box for Jonah, with a family tree inside.

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