"Justine's Telly" is the 12th episode in Series 1 of The Story of Tracy Beaker and the 12th episode overall. It aired on February 14, 2002.


Tracy has been made editor of the Dumping Ground newsletter, and is determined to find an exciting story. When she learns that Elaine has given Justine permission to have a television in her room, even though it is against the house rules, she starts a campaign to get Elaine sacked.

However, the other children are reluctant to join in, as Justine is letting them watch her TV. Justine becomes more and more power-hungry, charging everyone to watch the TV and deliberately taking multiple bookings, so she can offer the service to the highest bidder and get more money. After this, the other children are happy to join Tracy's campaign. Later, Justine accidentally breaks the television and Tracy wonders why she is so upset.

Justine explains that her dad has gone to work up North, and has given her the TV as a goodbye present. Tracy changes her campaign to demand that Justine gets a new television, but when Jenny points out that Tracy is actually a softie, Tracy explains that she can't get Elaine sacked unless Justine has a TV to get her sacked over.