"Justine Littlewood Returns" is the 7th episode in Series 3 of Tracy Beaker Returns and the 33rd episode overall. It aired on February 10, 2012.


Justine comes to the Dumping Ground to ask Mike to give her away at her wedding. Her arrival also brings back Tracy's jealousy for her.


  • It has been 6 years since Justine was last at the Dumping Ground and she left there in 2006, according to Gus and Tracy's book. 2006 was also the final year a new episode of The Story of Tracy Beaker was broadcast.
  • This is the third time someone in Tracy Beaker Returns claims to have "hay-fever" and this first (and only) time Tracy claims to have it in Tracy Beaker Returns.
  • The Dumping Ground kids briefly get a laptop to replace the computer.
  • The episode title is a play on the show's title "Tracy Beaker Returns".



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